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Wedgie Fetish, an Introduction

by wrbsuperman on Sep 14, 2017

~~~~~ Hi! I don't know about you, but I have a serious wedgie fetish. It's my hope to continue to write on this theme and share some fun (fictional) sensual stories that will really get your juices flowing. First though, I wanted to give a little background on the wedgie fetish. Read on, hope you learn, then get ready for the REAL sexy stuff. Feel free to PM...

You and Juri Han

by wedgiefrmluckyfetish on Nov 27, 2017

You wake up wishing you could fall back to sleep. For a wedgie fetishist, so much of life is dreams. Fantasies of every variety can not only come to life in the land of dreams, but they can stay that way. Animated by your desires you can spend an indiscernible amount of time among a horde of people permeated by lust for wedgies. Surrounded by the barely clot...


by wrbsuperman on Aug 18, 2017

~~~This story got rejected 4 times, because the paragraphs were too long and because they thought I was advertising for sites I'd mentioned. I prefer real-world stories that other members of the wedgie fetish community can relate to, and apparently I can't do that. The story isn't the same since all these "revisions" but I hope you can find some enjoyment no...

Wedgie in the Apartment

by wrbsuperman on Aug 18, 2017

There was nothing like a crisp autumn day to clear out the cobwebs. Quite literally in fact, since the rays of sunshine cutting through the window highlighted any and all lint or spider webs in corners missed in last week's once-over. One could almost let them pass, but the beautiful foliage created such contrast to any dusty disorder it was impossible to le...

Wedgie on an Island

by wedgiefrmluckyfetish on Sep 16, 2017

They had been on the island for a few days. Their boat, pieces of which had been washing up on shore. Neither of them were sure what had happened for all they knew their ship had crashed, sunk, and maybe even imploded. There was a lot of running, alarm bells; they had explained safety procedures and what to do if there was ever an emergency but when the cris...


by clthongclthong on Dec 10, 2018

Marina sits quietly at her desk and types at her computer as she spends her Saturday at work. On this particular day she has gone in to catch up on some things and is the only one in the office, along with two other women, Jodie and Christie. All three women are in their late 20's and are working on the same project which has been quite a stressful part of t...

Sarah's Bully

by humiliationstation on Feb 1, 2020
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Sarah is sitting at her desk in her dorm when her roommate comes in. She recognizes her roommates look, feeling a bit of dread in her stomach.What's next? Bedwetter Punishment Wedgie! Public Humiliation What's next? Bedwetter Punishment Wedgie! Public Humiliation...

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Young Boss Takes Advantage Ch. 15-16

by Barefan on Jul 6, 2020

Part 15 The rest of that day went pretty smoothly. By the time Tim and Mia had gone through the binder, it was about 10 minutes until 5:00. Tim said that Mia could put away her materials, and then they'd call it a day. Julia watched Mia closely as she returned the binder to the top right desk drawer in her office. She smiled to herself when she saw Mia sl...

Wedgie- at the Party

by wrbsuperman on Oct 12, 2017

~~~Just a quick story before my class starts, sorry for any typos/awkward phrasing~~~~ So there I was, a few beers in and feeling sexy. Kinky too, if you must know. I'd had a bit of a dry spell recently and I gotta tell you there's not much like the heady high of strong hops to get me light headed and frisky. Now don't get me wrong, the warm fuzzies of wine...

A Good Day for a Wedgie

by SerenOsmond1 on Sep 25, 2018

Hello Everyone! So this is my first attempt at writing erotica. I am NOT an English/Writing guy. However, I truly do enjoy the wedgie/transparent clothing/humiliation/spanking fetishes and wished I saw more of that on Literotica! So with my girlfriend's blessing, I have started and completed the first part of my first story series. I would appreciate any fe...