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The Rain Makes Things Hotter

by applevalyan on Sep 12, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Unlike most people, I sometimes enjoy getting wet not just wet but soaking wet in the rain. I've always enjoyed playing in the rain and getting soaking wet, even as a little girl. But my 'pleasure' with getting wet started while I was still in high school. I had just turned 18 and a boy I grew up with took me downtown to a local festival for my birthday pres...

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by Lucy1970Harker on Sep 13, 2017
Erotic Couplings

She was naked. Really naked. It wasn't like he hadn't seen a naked girl before. He had seen plenty. But none had ever seemed as naked as she did right now. She was in the shower. Had just started it. And the curtains were open. He was watching her from the doorway. The bathroom was small, so as he leaned on the wall just outside the doorway, he was about...

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A Family Together Ch. 3

by Baloden on Sep 15, 2017

Allison is a 38 year old white female. Her skin is soft and an olive color. She is five feet five inches tall and 120 pounds. She has soft, silky, straight, full, light?brown hair that goes to her lower back and sparkley dark?blue eyes. She has long arms and legs with small hands and feet. She has a small, soft and tight ass. Her breasts are soft, firm, and...

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My Wet Pussy

by dirtyjoe69 on Sep 19, 2017
Text With Audio

* * * * * Click Here to listen. (7 min/mp3) * * * * * Hey baby how are you doing to today. I am doing well myself but I could always be better. It is way more fun when you are here to take care of hot wet pussy. I am rubbing it right now as a matter of fact. I think it misses you. It just doesn't feel as good when I have my fingers in it. My pussy really...

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Fairytale, 2011 Ch. 02

by Sumddy on Sep 16, 2017

Peeking through her eyelashes pretending she was still asleep Ashley watched as her father opened her bedroom door. She watched him standing there his robe open below the belt at his waist his hand around his hugely swollen cock. She felt her breasts swell and her become slippery hot wet watching her father's hand sliding up and down his hugely swollen thi...

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A Winter Cabin, 2011

by Sumddy on Sep 15, 2017

Insulated under the canopy of low clouds the damp breadth of the snowfall almost felt warm to Giselle under the covers in bed with her father. Twenty or more inches of powdery fresh snow blanketed the New England woods around the cabin, and snowflakes still falling the muffled early morning stirred her awake. Brimming with sleepy excitement she delighted i...

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The Set: Heat of Hydration

by Algonquin Twit on Sep 12, 2017
Chain Stories

This story was created as part of a chain story writing challenge. The goal was to write a story with the title "The Set" using the following ten words: Charity, Harmony, Lavender, Painting, Remote, Ribbon, Skulk, Sky, Solace, Transform. * Harry watched the young woman climbing the scaffolding that towered along one side of the building as he waited for th...

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My Little Cousin Pt. 02

by beniboy on Sep 15, 2017

There were a few days between our meeting in the car park, and the time we arranged to meet up on the weekend. Ashley was still living at home, but her parents were away for the weekend, so Victoria and I were heading over there on Saturday. To say that we were excited was an understatement - the fact that she had kept up a steady stream of naughty texts bet...

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Linda Ch. 02

by silversun84 on Sep 16, 2017
Letters & Transcripts

Author's note: Linda is a leggy blond from Ireland with a strong sex-drive. This story starts at around lunchtime one day. At this time we were both still at university. Linda has been out the previous night on a typical student's binge of drinking and fucking. Despite her very late night and carnal antics, she is already awake and online, with a familiar t...

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Twin Streams

by blissfulltales on Dec 12, 2018

AUTHOURS NOTE; Before reading this story, I highly recommend that you read "Laci, Staci and Emma" first, as it describes the first time the twins made love. This is a continuation of their relationship, and how they experiment with kinkier forms of sex. * It had been a few weeks since twin sisters Laci and Staci had their erotic encounter with Emma. Still...

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