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Dark Fantasy: Cuckold Wedding Night

by hfernandez1983 on Sep 1, 2017

This is story is a work of complete fiction and fantasy. This is the first time I am kind of tackling the subject of cuckolding and kind of writing it from the readers POV. Hope that you enjoy it. Feedback is always appreciated! NOTE: I would like to thank discreetmtg and AdrienneL for helping to edit this story. It's your wedding night. After a beautiful...

Enticed Wife

by Roots32 on Sep 26, 2017
Loving Wives

It's okay to have unsafe sex in fictional stories because it's only fictional, but it's contraindicated to do so in real life. Always be safe and wear condoms or use other means for protection when having sexual intercourse with another partner. Part 1 Once we got to my place, my wife and our new friends settled around the table while I went to get some w...

Sex in Viet Nam

by DrLit on Sep 16, 2017

My beautiful wife and I recently took a trip to Viet Nam. As with anything we do, we planned for lots of enjoyable sex. We brought plenty of fuck me panties, our strap on with a black cock, a wand vibrator, and plenty of lube. Our flight to Viet Nam was 27 hours long. That a lot of time in airplanes and airports. There has been a time when my wife wanted t...

My Wife Wants a Big Cock

by milfwife on Sep 26, 2017
Erotic Couplings

My wife and I are in our late forties and had been happily married for the past twenty years. We met after college and had built a very nice life together. We are extremely open with one another, and when it comes to sex we know we can share our most inner desires with each other. Over the years our sex life had been nothing but fantastic. I think we can saf...

Kelly's Affair

by HerLittlePiggy on Sep 19, 2017
Group Sex

Kelly and I had been married for 15 years. During that time she had given birth to two kids and put 60 pounds on her once petite 5'3" frame. At 165 pounds Kelly was certainly chunky but to me she was as beautiful and sexy as our wedding night. We were both over 40 but we both looked and acted younger. Kelly's tits were full, surprisingly firm 38dd and her th...

My Birthday Surprise

by tangent6 on Apr 24, 2019
Group Sex

My wife has a surprise for my birthday. She's been keeping me in suspense, but finally the day has arrived. She's packed some overnight bags and I know we're staying overnight somewhere. We jump in the car and she drives us to the new fancy hotel that has been recently opened opposite the river. A valet takes the car and we're being escorted by another to...

Swapping Surprise

by tlj553 on Jul 6, 2020
Group Sex

My wife and I have been married two years; we are both 24 years old. My wife Shannon is a beautiful brunette woman with brown eyes. She is 5'4" and weights 125 lbs. with the perfect legs and butt. We have a pretty decent sex life, and weren't looking to change it until we met Kevin and Stacy. Kevin was in his early 40's, and was not really what most would c...

Cucked by My Wife's Gym Trainer Ch. 02

by andrewsixpack on Sep 26, 2017
Loving Wives

Hi, my name is Andy and I am married to an incredibly sexy wife named Yvonne. We have been married for 19 years now and she is even more beautiful today than any time I've ever known her! She is Latina, with beautiful brown skin, an awesome smile, and a beautiful face! She has a full set of lips and the hair on her head is absolutely gorgeous! Whenever w...

18 Yr. Old Boy Pounds 51 Yr. Old MILF

by MF4BIM on Sep 12, 2017

I had been having back problems over the past few weeks when Dawn brought up the idea of finding someone to do the lawn cutting for me. Rachel her close friend had recommended a young man who was looking for a few extra bucks before going away to college in the fall. His name was Dave, a hard working eighteen year old who had done several side jobs over the...

Hot Housewife Cucks Her Happy Hubby Ch. 02

by andrewsixpack on Sep 26, 2017
Loving Wives

Jake wasn't sure about what to think about what happened with is beautiful wife Marci and how Tom, their neighbor had recently fucked the shit of her! He was very aroused and happy that she loved it so much! So, when Friday night rolled around, Jake found himself out in the garage, sort of tinkering around with an old Bike that he had, when all of sudden, T...