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Daughter with My Friends Ch. 04

by varun on Sep 15, 2017

Massaging Jasmine NOTE: This story characters are all above 18 and college going. This story is of incest and gang bang. Anyone offended are please warned not to read any further. This is the 4th part of Daughter with my friends I (Jasmine groped) posted in Literotica. I have written such that each story stands alone. This is a story of a father who see...

Unusual Hostesses

by mattpantyhose on Mar 27, 2019
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Every girl wants to become a model at some point of her life; the beautiful clothes, the admiration of the public, the graceful catwalks - there is something undeniably attractive about that occupation (as is the money) and most of it can be true. Gigi and Bella Hadid could confirm that assumption, just as they could say a word or two about the cons and hard...

The Freaky King of Porn Ch. 02

by DickThePimp on Nov 19, 2018
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

This is a perverted freaky ass porn parody series... It ain't real. "Suck it whore. Get that fucking nut." "Eat her pussy bitch. Make her cum in your mouth again." I was laid back, smokin' and watching my girl, ebony bbw pornstar Lady Onyxxx suck my big ass cock. I was also watching my other girl, ebony pornstar Kay Kush eat my wife, porn legend Kelly Mad...

Swinging Relationships Ch. 01

by Castaway_99 on Sep 11, 2017
Loving Wives

Chapter One (Our First Swing) (Whilst this story is based on real events all of the names of those involved have been changed and some of the events have been mixed up slightly to make better reading.) * I've been very lucky over the last few years to have a wife who has jumped excitedly and enthusiastically into the swinging scene with me. Until recently...

The Experiment Ch. 04

by LittleTom on Sep 14, 2017
Loving Wives

That night, and the next, we were both skittish and nervous. It was agonising to worry about if the door bell would ring or not. Despite that, or maybe because of it, the sex was fantastic. I took her ass for the very first time, and I have no words to describe the mixed feelings of power, love and pleasure it gave me. The night after that though, again as...

Rule Breakers

by Thrownaway_0_0_ on Sep 24, 2019
Loving Wives

“So what are the ground rules?” Ryan asked. He and his wife Isabella we’re sitting across from each other at the table in their house. It was going to happen, they were going to bring someone into their bedroom. Ryan had wanted to for a long time, and Isabella had finally been convinced. “We definitely need to have ground rules.” “Well I think you should bo...

A Friend's Help

by firsttimer531 on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

My sex life has been in the dumps for the last two years. My wife Kim has had some medical problems and our sex life has suffered. With all the medicines she has been taking her sex drive has dried up. I have tried to start things up with her but the usual answer is "I'm not in the mood or I don't feel like it." Since then I have become very close friends wi...

Michael and Jessica's Sexual Slaver Ch. 02

by a_random_user on Sep 19, 2017
Interracial Love

The school bell had rung as Michael was walking nervously towards his wife's classroom: he had dismissed his class early in anticipation for today's "extended lunch break." That was Shawn's euphemism for a ritual he made the three of them go through weekly: they would go to a sandwich place near the school and grab a bite, chatting innocently, perhaps with s...

Attention from Strangers

by Arkrhu on Sep 11, 2017

Fantasy request by Julieanne. Julieanne slowly pushed her shopping cart down the isle, her heels clicking on the linoleum floor. She was excited about the prospects of the evening to come. Charles had promised to take her to theater, something they had not done in a long time. He had also arranged for the kids to be out of the house, at a friends place,...

True Confessions of a Swinger #02

by DebbieDearDebbie on Sep 16, 2017

All characters portrayed in this story are over the age of 18-years-old. There are no minor characters in this story. ***** While his cock is still buried inside of her, Robert ruins Liz's orgasm by talking about having sex with other women. Continued from Chapter 01: Being that he was a man and she was a woman, they were seldom on the same page when it...