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Infinite Scroll

TIA: This is Africa Ch. 01

by A Cracker Slut on Sep 13, 2017
Interracial Love

Miranda Harkens closed her eyes and let out a long sigh, the second glass of wine was taking effect, her eyes closing as she drank in the sounds of the night around her. Angela was a long way from home, the scratching and chattering of unseen insects in the undergrowth was not one she was used to hearing in South Wandsworth. She stretched languidly, enjoying...


by JustRong on Nov 19, 2018
Loving Wives

We went cruising on the intercostal waterway. It was one of those party boats that take you out far enough to gamble in their casino. They devoted two whole decks to poker, blackjack and craps tables as well as a roulette wheel, but most of the space was devoted to one-arm bandits in fact the perimeter of both decks was surrounded with them preventing any vi...

Take Wife to Strip Club

by example36 on Apr 22, 2020
Loving Wives

I had wanted to take my wife to a strip club ever since I met her. She used to swing both ways in her youth and I thought this would be the ideal way to see how far I could push this fantasy of mine for us both. Let me describe Michelle, she's 47 years old but god she looks no older than 32-35. She's got a very fit body size 8/10 and is tanned all over. She...

MILF: Mothers I'd Like to Frame

by majus on Jun 12, 2020

Mikey Franchetti felt like had just won the lottery, dodged a bullet, and been struck by lightning all in the same day. He was sitting in the back of a brand new Cadillac Coupe, series 62, riding through the Los Angeles night towards the Sunset Strip. The suit he was wearing felt just like a second skin, which shouldn't be surprising - it was brand new and t...

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Kissing Cousins

by CrazyDaveTrucker60 on May 4, 2020

Every year about this time of year. I get a pile of work dumped on me because I'm the County Administrator. Actually the Deputy County Administrator. But that just means I'm responsible for the lion's share of the work. The powers-that-be do provide me with several secretaries to help make it happen, but I basically have to find all these different federal f...

No Means Go

by Tabbabone on Nov 29, 2017
Erotic Couplings

They were horny. That's nothing new but when you haven't had sex for a few days and been thinking about it for a while, it's a little distracting. Or a lot. Google "what to do when you're really horny". Only for a minute. Then get back to work. Let off a little steam: Trade sexy "what I'm going to do to you" messages. Try to work. Focus on work. Not horny...

Pervert's Pack

by jackingboy1976 on Sep 18, 2017
Mind Control

Disclaimer: You must be at least 18 years old to read this story. It contains graphic sex and should not be read by those who find such aspects objectionable. This story belongs to me and should not be used commercially without my permission. I write for my own enjoyment and am sharing this with other members of the MC community after spending many years b...

Mature Couple Add Younger Man

by msm865 on Sep 12, 2017

To the literary purists – As with all my stories, I act in the role of narrator. This is a short story specifically designed to fit on one page. As such, there is no character development and no witty dialogue. I am not writing the next great novel. If another contributor would like to add names and dialogue and use this as an outline, go ahead. To everyone...

First Time with Married Couple

by Osewa on Sep 17, 2017
Group Sex

I want to describe a few of my experiences. This one is not particularly interesting, so I picked it as a first attempt of a story. In this and next stories I will be very truthful about sex details but may change some environmental details, for sake of keeping things discreet. So... That was about 10+ years ago. I connected through an adult site with a m...

21st Century Subterranean Slavery Pt. 05

by Reavantwo on Sep 16, 2017

A guard appeared calling out: "One-eight-Six and Thirty-seven, let's go move it!" She got up; moving out in the hall where neck chains were connected and wondered what was in store for them. They marched through several hallways and then entered a small room. The guard signed their log cards, handing them to another guard and left. The ball and neck chains w...