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My Best Friend's Pregnant Wife

by ehl on Sep 12, 2017

My best friend Brian lives next to me with his very lovely, very pregnant wife Jenny. Though I would love to fuck Jenny, Brian is my best friend since high school so it won't do. When they moved in she was in her 5th month but it already looked as if she was a bit overdue. She was having quadruplets, I later found out. Anyway the whole thing was that Jenny w...

Yes, Dear

by DareMe on Sep 14, 2017

The story begins. I came home from work one day and my wife Traci was sitting on the couch watching T.V. She had the table set and candles lit and wine poured as well as dinner made. Then it hit me it was our Anniversary and I forgot. Needless to say she was pissed. I walked over to her and apologized and she said, " That's not good enough, as far as I am...

HotWife Iris has Date with Young Jack

by Aynsley on Sep 26, 2017
Loving Wives

"You seem nervous," I said, as I watched my voluptuous wife, Iris, fidget in the passenger seat of our car. She kept adjusting her low-cut, black silk blouse, to maximize the cleavage she'd be showing to our young, soon-to-be friend. "Well, of course I'm nervous," Iris shot back with a grin. "I haven't gone on a date, since I started dating you, and now I'm...

A Hot Night In The Club

by Satyrinneed on Nov 29, 2017
First Time

We stood in line for almost half an hour. These 'Lesbian & Gay Nights' have become famous to be among the most intense experiences in the local club scene - if you were either lesbian or gay, that is. The four of us were neither, yet we agreed that we would love to sneak our way in, getting a peek on what it was that attracted hundreds of people every other...

Humiliated by a Slut (and Loved It) Ch. 02

by mywayyourway100 on Sep 12, 2017

This story is part 2 in a series about an ex-girlfriends return to my life. For the introductory piece, like here. * Like I said earlier in my first story 'Humiliated by a slut (and loved it)' I run my own business which allows me lots of freedom with my schedule. My business is a small gym that I built downtown about ten minutes drive from my home. I was...

My Stripping Wife Pt. 03

by beermenow on Feb 5, 2018
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

It had been several months since my wife Karen performed at a local strip club's amateur night, where some of our male neighbors and a few of her coworkers were in attendance. They had been concealed by the darkness of the place, so Karen and I could pretend that we didn't know they were there; even though having them in the audience really turned her on. O...

Petting Zoo

by Mardigrass on Sep 12, 2017
Loving Wives

This is the true story of the first time my wife and I played in public. This happened in Eugene, Oregon in the late 90's. My wife was 38 at the time. She is a 5'3" brunette with really sexy 36 C breasts. We had heard that a local nightclub, the Club Nexus, was having a sexy Valentine's Day event, which was to include a kissing booth and a petting zoo. We d...

Karen Has a Plan

by Dayna Jo on Sep 19, 2017
Loving Wives

This story is inspired by my new friend, 'wil' he always be happy,/i> Karen Smith loved her husband Dave. In fact, she loved him so much; she would do anything for him. So it was that Karen decided to give her husband the best birthday present she could think of...she would enact one of his favorite sexual fantasies. Karen knew quite well that Dave often fa...

Apple Bottom Jeans

by PrincessErin on Sep 13, 2017

"How the hell did I get so fucking lucky?" Jim lay naked on his bed as he watched his wife walk past him and into the bathroom. "What drawer is it in?" Cecelia called out from the bathroom. She was looking for the lube and had no idea where it could be. "Second drawer." "Found it." Cecelia walked out and couldn't help but smile. Her husband was grinning...

Making Ends Meet

by 75corner on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

The male ego is more fragile than a raw egg dropped from 40 stories up. But when an egg hits the ground, you know there is just one possible result: innards get splattered all over the place. However, with the male ego, who can say what will happen when broken, bruised or bent. I had always thought that if my wife ever cheated on me I would go psycho and be...