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The Adventures of Bard Ch. 01

by Sad_Magic on Sep 13, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Bard stood at a fork in the road, lost in thought. Two wooden road signs before him read Darkwood Road and Gloomveil Road. Both sounded equally depressing and treacherous to the man. What moody bastard had thought up such welcoming names? Bard glanced back down the path he had just travelled but thought better of it. He was a thief on the run and would meet...

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Minerva Ch. 05 of 10

by Denham_Forrest on Sep 17, 2017

Minerva By Denham Forrest, The Wanderer Minerva chapter 05 As you might imagine, being two reporters short on a small local weekly rag, we were all a bit pushed. Although it did mean the rest of us grunts moved up a notch or two. I found myself spending nearly every morning either in the local magistrate's court and most afternoons on obituaries, or...

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Love's Destruction Ch. 01

by watwordscantdescribe on Sep 14, 2017

It was a cloudless night, perfect for a game of chase. Angry male voices called out. The neighs of horses and the barking of dogs overtook the cries of nature within the woods tucked away behind the king's castle. The guardsmen had spotted a small cloaked thief trying to steal the prince's stallion. No doubt that the sack that the boy was holding was also...

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Teaching a Lesson

by Magicidan on Sep 18, 2017
Loving Wives

Warning, you are entering a cuckold free zone. If you do not like stories of temptation, human frailty, and redemption, please do not read this story. You will not enjoy it. But, if you take solace that there are husbands and wives who fight dirty to save their marriages I bid thee read on. I have received much encouragement and support after my first five...

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Bra, the Irreplaceable Item

by sisifo on Jul 6, 2020

I absolutely depend on bras to get sexual arousal, indulge my fantasies and reach orgasm. Somehow, my fascination with this female undergarment triggers a wild desire of submitting to the women who wear it, not implying their approval, tolerance or even awareness. This transgression -- (ab)using a bra when you're not supposed to -- boosts the native sensua...

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Blackmailed for Wife's Crimes

by SEVERUSMAX on Sep 16, 2017

Note: I am well aware of the mispellings of certain words. They are deliberate, and meant to portray the foreign accent of the character in question. This is not like my normal stuff, which tends to involve dominant men. I thought that an attempt at femdom might be a nice challenge for me. * Dr. Willem de Graaf certainly never expected his good deed of fi...

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The Making of Marcella Minx Ch. 01

by Marcella_Minx on Sep 16, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

It had been building up now for well over a year, the stolen conversations, the secret smutty emails and the unrelenting lust to break out of character, to be someone so utterly different, someone risky and dangerous, and sexy. He had begun to make outrageous demands from the moment I had first shared a naaughty giggle with him in a chat room. Demands that...

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Hot Ride

by Magicidan on Sep 14, 2017
Loving Wives

Today's story of human frailty was shared with me by a divorce lawyer. He swears the story is true. I will leave that to the reader to decide. All names and places have been changed. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Ad hominem attacks will, of course, be deleted. If you enjoy this missive I encourage you to read my earlier works. Thank you. *****...

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A Stolen Afternoon

by mssassypants on Jan 22, 2020
Erotic Couplings

It all began out of frustration and dissatisfaction with the way things were. Allie, mother of one, married to a man that loved his job more than pleasuring his wife, was starving for some real sex. Knowing that a fuck buddy would be a little risqué, but realizing her husband was so caught up in his own selfish life he would never notice. So she decided to...

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A Fantasy Picaresque Ch. 02

by TheWorldSpins on Sep 15, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

***Author's note: This chapter doesn't have a ton of sex, but it sets up a crazy chapter to come. Here, there's only voyeur/masturbation. Hope you enjoy our hero's new companion and stick with the series as it progresses. Votes and comments are always read and appreciated. Oh, and everyone in this fantastical pseudo-middle ages tale would be of age in our wo...

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