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It's All in a Picture

by zipper694u on Sep 14, 2017
Erotic Couplings

A few years ago we became good friends with a local photographer. We love the arts and met her when we bought two framed photos she had taken for our guest bedroom. She specialized in architectural buildings, structure in nature and also human form. She intertwined the two frequently in her work. A few of the works we saw included nude or nearly nude people...

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The Camera

by snath on Sep 17, 2017

In the mid-nineties, on a foggy winter morning I along with my wife arrived at Amritsar. We wanted to visit the Golden Temple and Wagah border gate closing ceremony. I was working in Indian Air Force and was moving on transfer from my place of posting at Srinagar. Before joining in my next place of posting at Air Force station, Bagdogra, we had decided to vi...

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Jealous Husband

by Nicole99 on Sep 1, 2017
Humor & Satire

I admit it. I'm the jealous kind. But when you've gota wife as beautiful as mine, who always seems to attract the attentions of every man at every party we go to, well, it's not hard to be jealous. I'm not saying my wife looks for the attention, or that she's ever responded to it – I'm sure she hasn't, in fact – but I know she enjoys it. And it drives me cra...

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How My Wife Lost Her Modesty

by gypsies on Sep 13, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

I don't believe either of us understood why that happened, but we just went with the flow. I believe she was accepting of the situation, because she was just following orders that were beyond her control. She was not showing off, she was just doing what the doctor said, to maintain her health and have a family. She had just gone to the doctor's office in the...

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Cuckold CEO Ch. 09

by drdick69 on Oct 15, 2018

Monday morning came as a blessing. The weekend turned out to be a sex charged fuck-fest that culminated with me eating James' cum from my wife's ass. All day at work, my mind returned to the events of the weekend. The domination, power and shear supremacy of James was astounding. He had total and absolute control of not only my wife, but of me also. I could...

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Sexual Coaching Ch. 01

by dan57 on Sep 15, 2017

Although Kyrhan was old enough to be a grand father and the life expectancy in India was not in the same range as in Western countries but he had still an uncle who was even younger than himself. The reason was simple : his father had had twelve children on a time span of twenty four years. Kyrhan's father was the eldest and Shomeer was the youngest of them...

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Men Who Photographed My Wife

by guzzieathome on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

Although we are now divorced, I retain many happy memories of life with my wife Sue, and have a collection of erotic pictures of her. Talking recently to a close friend about the pictures reminded me that I had not always been the person who took the pictures, as I remember at least four other men have taken nude pictures of my wife. Back in the sixty and...

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Somebody's Wife

by amber_fields on Sep 16, 2017
Loving Wives

Somebody's wife is very, very bored tonight. Somebody's wife feels like she is being taken for granted lately. Her husband is out of town again--another business trip. She often wonders if he behaves himself when he's on the road. She has her doubts. Around five o'clock this afternoon, somebody's wife got a phone call from her friend. Would she like to go w...

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My Car, My Rules Ch. 02

by PanWhoWrites on Jun 5, 2019
Mind Control

Chapter 2: You Look So Fine (Look So Fine) On the third day, I was amused to see Rhonda wasn't alone as she left the house. The second tape had clearly worked - she passionately kissed the lanky fellow at her door before sending him on his way and jumping in the car. Today she was wearing a tight pair of jean-shorts, and a button-up shirt that only barel...

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The Offer Ch. 2

by Tim Smith on Sep 17, 2017

In the first installment my wife and I made a deal with a Rich Pervert By the name of Phil. Phil walked her through many perversions in a 24 hr. time frame and lined her up for another in Mexico for a period of 48hrs. as well as upped the anti to 300,000 dollars making it all but impossible to turn down. And said to be adventurous and grueling than the fir...

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