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by Skippy47 on Jun 26, 2019
Loving Wives

My pity party was interrupted by the sight of two mysterious men dressed in black suits who made their way to my boss' office. It didn't bother me. I wasn't getting anything done anyway. I couldn't get my mind off my own misery. I guess my misery started when I was a child. My mother was always degrading my father. No good at this, no good at that, no good...

Property of the Mandingo Squad

by dsoul on Sep 24, 2019

A husband got news of his wife been initiated into becoming a Black-Owned property by the Mandingo squad. The husband received the news while he was at work. The squad leader had sent him a mail, including photos of his wife submitting to her first Black Cock Training experience. As it turns out, the wife had passed the initiation test. This including her...

The Wife-Slut Course

by knurpslquorg on Oct 31, 2018

The Wife-Slut Course, hereafter referred to as the course or the program, is a well researched and planned training program designed to allow the candidate to discover who she is sexually and what her sexual limits are in the context of a loving and caring marital relationship, and to furthermore allow her the freedom to stretch those limits to whatever exte...

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The Ten Thousand Dollar Decision Ch. 05

by spankedhusband on Sep 13, 2017

For the second time since my arrival, I was awakened by a pretty young woman. She was new to me but yesterday's training had taught me what to expect. She was wearing what I was learning to be a uniform of sorts. Like with Peggy the previous morning, this girl was dressed with a short, pleated skirt and midi-blouse, her belly bared to the top of her hip-...

Training Day

by Kovic on Jan 15, 2018

Oliver came home one day, from a challenging time working as a psychologist, a long day, with his head aching and his body almost folding in on itself. He wanted nothing more than his STUNNING, 5’ 7” blonde wife Sarah to cook him up some of her famously tasty food, and maybe, if he was lucky, the two of them would have a treat of some sexy times later. On hi...

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Wife Gets Slut Training

by Johnsexlife on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

For years now part of our foreplay routine involved reading Literotica Group sex stories which turned us both on. During sex my wife would often have a fantasy that the vibrator in her vagina was another guy as she gave me a blowjob. Her fantasy later expanded to 3 guys as she gave me a blow job while having a vibrator in her cunt and another in her ass. I w...

A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 16

by lesliejones on Oct 3, 2018

[This story contains a good deal of content relating to bodily functions. If that offends you, please read no further. All characters are well over 18. ] *** Plans proceeded for Eleanor and Annette to be married. Because of her previous notoriety, Eleanor did prefer to keep her activities out of the public sphere, as did Annette, who recognized that her ca...

The Set Up Pt. 02

by undermythumb10 on Sep 15, 2017

This is the continued story of my life as a sissy and is a continuation from part 1 The Set Up. ***** As I mentioned I am sat tied to a chair with my stepdaughters panties placed so the crutch is over my nose, it's a long story which started when I met and married my wife now Mistress some six months ago. I am now a total submissive sissy cum slut for my...

Wear the Collar

by MosheDovit on Jul 30, 2019

Every month or so, a bunch of us long-time friends get together with some new acquaintances and create some new relationships. It's fun, and you meet interesting people. Lisa was one of those interesting people working outside the box. Asian, thirty-something, very attractive, extremely self-confident, but emotionally remote and a little on the sarcastic sid...

Perspectives On Spousal Training

by MISTRESSTRESSA on Sep 16, 2017

As a fifty year old career dominatrix, with nearly twenty five years in the business, I am often asked for my opinion on the topic of bondage discipline for wayward wives, or less commonly wayward husbands. Since spousal training is a lucrative and specialized endeavor, I have a vested interest in promoting it. However few prospective clients can afford my...