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Dark Angel Comes to Town...Again #02

by SusanJillParker on Sep 16, 2017

Witches never die. Living forever, they are here now and are here to stay. ...And so is Satan. So, with witches all around us, just out of curiosity, who do you think is a witch today? If witches lived today, do you suspect anyone as being a witch? With them easy to identify in the way they looked more than 300 years ago, seemingly witches had a difficult t...

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From Princess to The Broken Bitch Ch. 01

by toriroxyah on Oct 30, 2018

For several months now Ryan had been under the spell of a beautiful exotic women known as Mistress Witch. Mistress Witch had always threatened to pay a visit to Ryan's wife Princess however he never really thought she would do it. Everything about Princess was perfect she was always making trips to the salon to have her hair styled and colored. Princess was...

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by DanielWilson on Nov 7, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Scripts- The Wicked Witches Chapter One - Preliminaries Halloween is my girlfriend's favorite holiday. In our household, Halloween ranks even more important than Christmas or birthdays. Dee spends weeks getting ready for Halloween, buying and preparing decorations, selecting outfits, and by the time she's finished every year our house has been transformed...

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Tricks...and Some More Tricks

by DanielWilson on Oct 31, 2018
Loving Wives

It all started with an innocent text one Saturday morning. Halloween morning, as it so happened. I had gone into the office for a couple of hours in the late morning, to perform some filing and record keeping that I had fallen behind on. Then the text from my wife had arrived, "Can you come home? Problems here." I immediately responded, asking "Problems?"...

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Tavern Tales: The Riddling Sprite

by GigglingGoblin on Sep 16, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Note: Alright, I'm trying something totally different here. This is an entirely casual series of fantastical, erotic "fairy tales", with the framing device being a group of late-night taverngoers with little else to do. It's not an "instead of" when it comes to my writing schedule, and other stories will continue to update at their usual pace. Obviously, th...

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Fairy Story

by gauchecritic on Sep 13, 2017
Humor & Satire

If you are offended by gay sex, incest, transexuals or group sex then you can probably avoid most of them by skipping a couple of paragraphs. If, on the other hand you like a laugh then I’d recommend giving it a miss altogether. Onward. In a pleasant land far across the sea and long, long ago (longer even than your own grandmother can remember) there lived...

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Witch Hunt, Burned at the Stake 01

by SusanJillParker on Sep 13, 2017
Erotic Horror

Flora Radisson gets just what she wants when the townsfolk burn her at the stake. "Flora Radisson, under the laws of the Commonwealth of Salem Massachusetts, on this day of our Lord in 1692, I find you guilty of witchery, witchcraft, wizardly, sorcery, and conjuring," said the Honorable Judge Robert Hall. "Do you have anything to say for yourself before I p...

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When Witch Kimmy Comes...

by Wil E. Harden on Sep 12, 2017
Erotic Couplings

When Witch Kimmy Comes, Fantasy Becomes Reality DISCLAIMER: The following story is a work of fiction. Any similarity between any actual events or any person, living or dead, is strictly coincidental. * * * * * "Nibble, nibble, little mouse, who's that, nibbling on my house? Hee, hee..." Witch Kimmy delighted in ruffling Wizard Lance's hair when he sucked...

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The Dripping Cave

by Rashvine on Sep 15, 2017

Anilith took a deep breath, her breasts rising and falling, the thin material of her blouse rubbing against her nipples. They themselves brought to attention by the anticipation filling all of Anilith's being. Her thoughts ran from the first moment she saw the red witch. She was so forceful, commanding her body with touch and spell. Something about it formed...

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The Witches' Sabbath Ch. 03

by radegast on Sep 26, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

I thank you, sir, for giving me leave to rest my tormented mind. As you can no doubt imagine, it is most trying to recall deeds of such incomprehensible evil and licentiousness. But I believe I am ready, now, to bring my tale to its close, and to tell you how this most unholy witches' sabbath came to its filthy end. As I was saying, the four lovely young wi...

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