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Infinite Scroll

WMAF Acceptance

by hardleo on Sep 14, 2020
Interracial Love

I am not a writer, there will probably be grammar issues. If you want great description and deep backgrounds, This is probably not it. Themes of raceplay, wmaf, ntr, taboo --------------- My name is Leonard Chan and I have an obsession for WMAF, and for those who don't know, because at some point in my life I also did not know, WMAF stands for White Male...

This Asian Guy (AMWF)

by amwflovefetish_2 on Sep 15, 2017
Interracial Love

Valentine's Day this year is going to be somewhat stranger than usual for me. Trigger Warning in advance, you're probably not going to like this story, but for what it's worth, it's true— which guarantees people are going to get offended even worse. I expect low ratings and butt-hurt in the comments. Should be fun. It would just prove my points even more fo...

Star Trek Free Use

by grabablancket on Jul 2, 2020
Science Fiction

2266, the alpha quadrant. You're a crewman on one of the smallest ships in one of the most remote regions of the Federation. You just barely got into Starfleet. You serve on the bottom deck of an ancient vessel, USS Green, it's your job to make sure the ship's clock is synced to the local starbase. The Green is so unimportant it's "captained" by a...

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The Groomsman

by daciasdesire on Sep 9, 2018
Cheating Spouses

Alexa rolled over onto her stomach. Spreading her legs wide for him, she came up on her hands and knees and stuck her round bubble butt out. She loved it when she got fucked from behind. Doggystyle was her favourite position. They seemed to be the perfect height for each other. Her pussy at just the right angle so that every thrust of his pressed his gorgeou...

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Yllw Fvr

by grabablancket on Nov 23, 2020

Your palms are sweaty. You wring your hands together. All these months of tests and observations and you're finally about to get your diagnosis from Dr Chu. The one good thing about this whole experience has been Dr Chu, not only is she an amazing doctor, she's a solid 10 hottie. Late 20's, long legs, small but perfect breasts and long black hair she almost...

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Asian Persuasion

by daciasdesire on Mar 24, 2018

I’d been working as a doorman of this club called The Loft for two years now. It was a good job. Good pay, $30 an hour. Flexible hours so I could study during the week, I typically only worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. People always asked, doesn’t it suck having to work every weekend while they got to drink? Not really. I was used to working weeken...

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K-Pop Fantasies

by NaughtyOppa on Oct 11, 2020
Fan Fiction

Here are some K-pop/Korean idol erotic stories. You don't really need to know anything about K-pop or Korea to enjoy them, they're just good old-fashioned smut, though I try to throw some plot in there. Enjoy! Cumblast Entertainment - Korea's First Porn Studio (recommended) stars you as the pioneer of porn in a Korea that's recently legalised the artform. Yo...

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School Drop Off

by daciasdesire on Apr 19, 2018

Spencer Askren leant down and hugged his daughter Amy goodbye. “Be good in class today sweetie. I know you will crush your physics test,” he told her before giving her a kiss and sending her off. “Thanks Dad,” Amy replied. “Don’t forget I have softball tryouts this afternoon,” she told him as she left the school drop off area and made her way to the entrance...

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Changing the Rules

by street0 on Sep 24, 2010
Mind Control

Josh West was checking out his new phone. The touchscreen was sleek and easy to use, and he quickly found himself buying some apps to match his interests. He spent ten minutes playing around with an app that let him jiggle boobs in any photo just by moving his fingers. When he exited, there was an app icon that he didn't remember buying. "Rules of the W...

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2019 Literotica Reader's Choice Awards Winners

by Literotica on Jul 13, 2020

The stories and authors below were chosen by our readers as the best of 2019, in voting which took place here. Though these are not the only wonderful authors and stories on Literotica, they are worthy of praise and recognition. Thanks to all of the writers for providing us with hours of reading enjoyment, and to all of the readers for your input, support,...