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Daddy's Bulge

by SunrockSin on Sep 15, 2017

Through most of her life, Janie had never really thought of her parents as sexual beings, but now, returning from college at the end of the semester so much was different for her. Having lost her virginity early in the semester and then continuing on in a self described endless sexual smorgasbord until the holiday break, she suddenly became very aware of the...

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Susie Ch. 30

by Susie_O on Sep 15, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Sexual Solace I lay down on the bed, still holding the phone. I was in shock. I had just learned that Brittany Reynolds had died, apparently of a drug overdose. She had been alone in a hotel room. The last time I had seen Brittany my final words to her were, "Call me if you ever decide to see me. I really want to see you and talk with you." Her response was...

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Rights and Wrongs Ch. 04

by GeorgieH on Sep 15, 2017

He -- Ben -- didn't realise just how much I'd loved the first part of his deal in the end. And, trust me, I wasn't going to tell him anytime soon. I scarcely believed me myself but I just knew -- totally knew -- that something was changing inside me. It had been so long since I had ever been anything but a perfectly respectable wife and mother, but now it...

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Thoughts at Night

by sirdave64 on Sep 16, 2017
Toys & Masturbation

Is it wrong when I lie beside my sleeping wife, my thoughts filled with images of lust of another woman? My hand creeps down across my body and slips under the waistband of my boxers. My mind has now dressed her in a school girl costume to feed my fantasies, sending that first twitch into my cock. It lays dormant against my palm as I imagine her long dark ha...

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It's Just Wrong: Mothers and Sons 01

by fictitious on Sep 19, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

* This is part 1. Part 2 coming soon * The phone rang loudly, disturbing the silence of his office. He sat in his cozy leather chair looking over today's newspaper. It was a nice, sunny day outside, yet he felt the morning chill creeping in through the open window. The phone rang again. He closed the newspaper and carefully laid it onto the coffee table. He...

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The Examination

by hankepankee on Sep 14, 2017

Kerry Lace had the nicest rack in all of Jackson College and even better was that she didn't seem to know it. The first time she went out with Todd Simpson, in her short skirt and pink blouse, he had his fingers up her pussy within half an hour, and she couldn't understand why. What did boys like about it? Now, Mr Roth was keeping her back after class agai...

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Shackled and Confused Ch. 04

by Butterflies512 on Sep 16, 2017

Pierre had lost all track of time. His best guess was that months had now passed since his dinner with Catharine. He was no longer attached to the wall, this he had to be thankful for, and once he'd been released from the wall, he'd started marking what he considered to be days. But in his dark room, with no sense of morning or evening, days, weeks, months a...

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Son's Incestuous Scheme


I just turned 18-years-old and something happened to me that usually happen to guys at 13-years-old. I got horny, really horny. Other guys mature sexually years before I did; it was like I had a delayed reaction or something. I mean, I just grew pubic hair last year. I do not yet have a girlfriend and I live alone with my Mom. We live in the country on a non...

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Locked in My Room

by papertriangle on Sep 15, 2017

'And so I said to the mailman. . .' Mom said while no one was listening. We were having dinner and everyone was enjoying their meal, except for mom. She was talking about everything and no one was interested. Me and my sister kicked each other beneath the table. I didn't like her that much. She was 20, one year older than me but she was always better at ev...

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Not So Boring Afternoon Ch. 04

by agpatch2 on Aug 30, 2017
Group Sex

So for the next few weeks I was Ed's bitch. I got him off pretty much everyday. Sometimes I would suck him off in a public bathroom. Sometimes, when his roommate was away, we'd have marathon sex sessions at his place. He really worked on me during those times at his place. He was really into stretching my asshole. He'd shove butt plugs up there and then try...

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