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Infinite Scroll


by Noah_Peal on May 15, 2015

Pills Pink pills change males to females. Blue pills change females to males. Purple pills (X-Trans) change males or females into transgenders, can be combined with pink or blue. X-Change (Formula subject to change) Acquired from unlicensed "street" vendors. Changed (defective/in testing) formula. Cheapest. High pregnancy risk. Can lead to mental a...

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X-Change R&D

by user4321 on Sep 27, 2019

Greetings! You have been chosen to participate in an X-Change Research and Development study as a test subject under an experimental trial. The trial formulations are randomized, and while you will have some control over the group under which you will be placed, placement is mostly random and the corresponding changes cannot be fully predicted due to the exp...

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Trudging The CessPonds

by MrFinesse on Apr 7, 2018

You are a penniless citizen in the kingdom of Gradrod. You are currently living in a large poor house with over twenty other people, taking odd jobs from the farms and plantations outside the kingdom's walls and barely making any money. You have always wanted to be an adventurer, but never knew where to look for treasure and even if you found a spot, it's us...

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X-Men: Generations

by Drexelhand on Aug 5, 2020

August 4th 1977 was the date the death knell of the X-Men had been signed. Cyclops was gone. The leader of the X-Men was dead. Charles Xavier was gone. The founder of the X-Men was in space to find a new home for mutant Skrulls. Jean Grey was gone. The light of the X-Men had resigned out of a fervent belief that Cyclops was still alive. Magneto had returned...

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A Game of Gods (Players Welcome!)

on Nov 28, 2015

The Universe is without form and void: thus it has been created by AO and OM, and into it they have made 8 lesser deities, The Great Gas Pump, Sarenrae, The Ebon Dragon (TED), The Over-Toddler, Charon, Dog, Mystic X, and Olok, from these 8 would arise all things, and one day there would be sapient life, to worship the gods and occupy their attention, but for...

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I want to get married. Shall we begin with sex?

by Linlex on Sep 20, 2019

Deep inside the lands of demons and monsters at its heart laid the demon kings castle. It was the very definition of what a typical demon kings castle would be. Made of black obsidian and surrounded by lava moat with many towers which had spikes all over them. In the inner portions of the castle within the throne room, a giant throne made of pure obsidian la...

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Curse of the Succubus

by Onefang74 on Mar 14, 2019
Fan Fiction

Author's Notes This is a fanfiction of a erotic comic parody called the “Curse of the Succubus” by the artist known as Lemonfont. I wanted to continue the story idea Lemonfont started especially since I think it may have been a one-shot commission piece. I am unsure where the artist was starting the comic at in the universe. I am however, starting this story...

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by brit-n-birds on May 16, 2019
Science Fiction

So you sat there, staring down at the tiny little pink pill resting on the table in front of you. The half empty glass of water next to it taunted you. It wasn't full enough for anything other than swallowing the capsule before you. To put it away would be a sign of defeat. You were too nervous. You couldn't possibly go through with this. You had to go to wo...

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The Order of the Lady X

by fethishboy on Jul 2, 2002

Through the span of time of man there has been many secret society. Some of them were good some of them were bad. They are a part in our history, the dark parts as well as the good. None of this secret society is as feared and as powerful the society of Lady X. They go back some say 600 years and some say even further They are a society of like-minded women...

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Murder Doll

by Suvinceus on Oct 1, 2006
Science Fiction

It was an ordinary morning, and you have woken up to the sound of birds chirping. Seemed peaceful, right? Well, not really, for the newspaper's latest article involves Xenon Inc., and it ain't pretty. Not as pretty as you are, though. As you leave the bedroom to shower, your past of joining the Raven Assassin group run through your mind. Seems that they coun...

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