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Christina's Body Pt. 01

by bryancl88 on Apr 21, 2020

I can tell you when and how it started. What I can't say is why. I will never understand it but I can at least try to explain it. My daughter Christina and I have always been close. When she was growing up I taught her to play softball and she taught me compassion. After her mother and I divorced Christina stayed with her mother but I had her on weekends. S...

Backstage Pass Vol. 1

by HELLYEAH4WOOD on Sep 12, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

January 14th, 2001. A day that'll live forever in my mind for more then one reason. You see that was the day the WWF dropped into my backyard of Dallas, Texas for the 1st of I'm sure many shows there. This one had a little background to it with HHH making his return to Dallas in over a year and the 1st time many people would see people like RVD and others. B...

The Clean Tutor Ch. 04

by deWynn on May 18, 2020
Interracial Love

Rooster had just finished talking to his former publisher, letting him know that he had gone over and finished the second novel of his trilogy. It was an exciting, wonderful conversation, one that had Rooster bristling with happiness, and he couldn't help but wonder what exactly he had been so scared of in the first place. Was this 'actual' happiness he wa...

A descoberta de Carly

by gurila on Jul 6, 2009
Non-English (dated)

Você está dormindo tranquilamente em seu quarto em um início de manhã, mas seu sono não dura muito tempo. Logo o sol nasce e lança fortes raios em seu rosto. Você acorda se amaldiçoando por ter deixado a janela aberta mas isso era um terrível hábito adquirido porque morava em um prédio, e sua janela não dava para nenhum prédio próximo. Logo que acordou perce...

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Harem para Naruto

by ALmaSex on Apr 27, 2020
Mind Control

Había pasado un año desde su participación en la 4 guerra Ninja. Naruto tenia dinero el respeto y la admiración de su aldea lo que proporcionó un exceso de confianza en el. Con el tiempo esto se convictorio en anhelo de poder y deseo, corrompiendo poco a poco. Naruto se encontraba entrenando en los limites de los bosques de konoha. Poseía un poder con los qu...

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My Mom was the Best Ch. 02

by NastyARMomlover2004 on Sep 19, 2017

This is another student's drunken bragging, if any of it factual or his wild fantasy is unknown to me. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and the actions contained herein are not condoned and should not be duplicated. All characters are over 18 with false names. ***** After I took a shower, my Mom and I headed downtown to...

Pregnancy on Polar Express

by vinaren on Sep 26, 2019

From childhood, Jane Melody has heard about Tale of the North Pole. In fact, maybe there's nobody alive hasn't heard of it when they're still a child: "Once upon a time, there were men and women on Earth. The men, with their natural strength, ruled over the women. Unfortunately, the men were born with an insatiable desire: conquering. In many centuries...

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Venganza de mujer

by matadora on Aug 22, 2017

Ella esta muy pensativa esos dias..como habia llegado a ese punto?..No sentia nada, ni sentimientos de rabia ni ningún otro. Solo sentía sed de venganza. Lo esperaba en su Departamento. Habia esperado ese momento por mucho mucho tiempo..y ningun detalle librado al azar. Lo tenia todo programado. Tenia que ser fuerte para que todo salga como ella lo deseaba,...

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LucyBeth AnaMarie

by StarGlyderz on Sep 12, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Please note: Sorry for any mistakes in language or translation. If you need help in translation, email me. Spanish is my third language and I am not very good at it. English is my second and I am best in it. Her name was LucyBeth AnaMaria something something.-She stood 1m40. She was not the most beautiful, but she was easy to look at. Her most notable featu...


by SunrockSin on Sep 13, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Charley knew better, you simply don't go into Boystown after eight pm and expect to be the first in, hell, at that time you are lucky to be tenth or eleventh. The lights were dim and he wasn't drunk so he ignored the girls and headed straight to the bar. "Tequila Solo and a Dos Equis," he ordered. The bartender grunted and turned reaching for the beer. Looki...