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Getting into Gear

by BlueNexus on Sep 14, 2017

I was forty living the good life in the beautiful Republic of Panama. Jena was Latina, dark complexion, petit, fun and beautiful. We met at the party of a friend, a handsome musician, and he mentioned that if I was attracted to her, I should just let her know. He said she mentioned earlier that she thought I was hot. Of course, at twice her age, I appreciate...

Cambios de cuerpo,possession y mas

by Siesta_45 on Jul 19, 2018

podremos encontrar varias historias con muchas tematicas muy buenas del extenso mundo tgWhat's next? La libreta TG Cambios por beso What's next? La libreta TG Cambios por beso...

Open in Reader


by Mauron on Sep 16, 2017

Jack Hanson sat at his desk, writing notes about the day's students. He made sure to record every detail about every girl that graced his classroom. His notes included what they wore, how they acted, who they touched, how they touched them, how smart they were, how desperate they were, and the chance they'd submit to him in detention. The last bell rang. In...

The Clean Tutor Ch. 03

by deWynn on Apr 28, 2020
Interracial Love

They had been caught cheating. The founders of Icebound Studios-one of the founders had been caught cheating with the wife of the other. That's what had caused the split, that had caused Callie to get on that plane at the last moment, to help work on the latest game, Sword of Oblivion 4, only a few months before release. The story had broken last Thursday...

Mexican Adventure

by yeomanjack on Aug 18, 2017
First Time

I finally emerged from the protective cocoon of school at the age of eighteen and ventured out into the real world, still a shy virgin. The next seven years were spent in obtaining my qualification as a chartered accountant, but as far as my sex life was concerned these were wasted years. The established system of a chartered accountant's training in those...

O Christmas Ball, O Christmas Ball

by BlueFish11 on Sep 12, 2017
Loving Wives

I was trying to slow my breathing. Just when I thought I was under control, I would think of how humiliating this was going to turn out. People pass down all sorts of family traditions during the Holidays. Not me -- this would be all I will ever be known for. The only story that would ever be told about me. "Lacey. They said don't move, not a muscle. An amb...

Grampa Cums to America Ch. 01

by Erica_Gasca on Sep 15, 2017

Jorge was from Mexico’s heartland. He grew up on his family’s ranch working from the time he could walk. Because of the hard labor and healthy living Jorge was in very good shape for a man in his 60s. Since he never knew his exact birthday, Jorge would tell everyone he was 21. Jorge grew up with the very traditional farming community values. He got marri...


by BogartsBoss on Sep 16, 2017

It all began several years ago. Now, before I get into my story, I'll tell you a little about me - not the why, just the who - why may explain itself. I'm just a man. Nothing special about me; just in my middle sixties with a graying head and beard, glasses, and a bit of a pot belly. I retired before I hit sixty just because my body was tired of the physic...

Donna's AMEX Christmas Party

by sharedhousewife on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

AMEX X-Mas Party Dan's Version to Scott Donna and Dan had gone together to an employee Christmas Party for American Express, where they both worked. Spouses were not invited, because it was for employees only. When Dan got to our house, he saw Donna's attire. A short black cocktail mini-dress that pushed her 36DD's almost out of the dress and matching ankl...

Good Irish Gals Ch. 1

by ace316 on Sep 16, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

this is my first attempt at writing a story, so feedback is welcome(if it's good!!) needless to say that the following is a work of complete fiction and bla, bla, bla... and while I and probably many others would like to assume that the heroes of the story act in the way depicted, I think it is a safe bet to assume that they do not!! that being said......