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Infinite Scroll

Alien Presence

by erosiawriter7 on Dec 25, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Loud banshee shriek, steel frame buckling, then tearing like the sound of aluminum foil, (whip, whip, whip), oxygen rushing, a hurricane, escape pods bleeding out, cabin ripped apart and blown out into vacuum, a torrent of debris, then the abrasive heat when the hull hits the atmosphere. Lieutenant major Danica Miles managed to get her suit on and sealed bef...

Aliens vs Predator Parody Ch. 02

by XenoMorph3000 on Sep 16, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Hello everyone! I sincerely do apologize for the long, long wait of the second chapter my version of an Alien vs Predator story. In this chapter, people do die but there won't be too much detail into that. But I really hope that this chapter was worth the wait. I've surely worked hard on it to try and make it longer, if not better, than the first chapter....

Piper's Cum Cure

by pyramidqueen on Mar 12, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Prologue Piper was nineteen years old. She had been abducted, cataloged and confined in the largest Zyd mothership in the galaxy and placed in cryogenic sleep for over two hundred and fifty years. The Zyd had been defeated in a slave uprising and those who had been placed in cryogenic sleep awoke for the shock of their lives. The coordinates for Earth were...

In the Hands of Dr. Wojcik Part 3

by circumspecter on Sep 16, 2017

Chapter 9 "We need to talk." My throat went dry at the sound of Dr. Wojcik's voice. She was obviously calling to tell me that I would be charged with assault for my attack on her in the medical building earlier that evening. Or perhaps there was to be a civil suit. Whatever it was, my life was certainly about to take a dramatic turn for the worse - again!...

Breeding Day

by Surprisinglysesquipedalian on Sep 14, 2020
Group Sex

Avery Jones was going to have a weird day, today. Forces beyond her ken had decreed this. Even now they had chosen their champion, given him their unholy sacraments and sent him on his merry way. She didn't know it yet, but this champion had already begun shifting and changing the world under her feet, in ways he made it impossible for her to detect. She ha...

Recipe for Adventure Pt. 04

by Lost Boy on Sep 14, 2017
Erotic Couplings

All characters are 18 years old or older. ***** The dig finally starts and what they find is far more than they ever imagined. It's been nearly a week now. The digging machines were almost done. I was so eager to finally be at work and the others felt the same. While we had kept ourselves busy it wasn't what we came here for. Tomorrow we could see what s...

Sisterhood - Alienation

by Lost Boy on Mar 12, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Sisterhood: Alienation... Alien Nation? Jerry Colt: Protagonist Keeper Karen Colt: Jerry's little sister Iris Colt: Jerry's mom Jarael: Jerry's Primary Sentinel and ghost elf Serenity: Jerry's A.I. Neko: Cat Girl body slave Thorn: Lethean Twi'lek heavily tattooed bodyguard Xo'Dee: Slime Girl Dancer Naia: Chiss Strategist Lilith: Jerry's patron Bi...


by soul71 on Mar 27, 2019

Dear Mrs. Potters, I write this letter to you after taking considerable time to debate this with my wife and family. Seeing how what you ask of me in your letter would not only look poorly on me but them as well. If you wish to know my story then I must start at the beginning. However, I have changed names of those within my letter to protect them and thei...

Play Testers Wanted Pt. 14

by Lost Boy on Sep 21, 2020
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Finally!! I am so sorry this beast took so long to come into being. I hope you enjoy this and I will do my best to speed things along. Take care of yourselves, be safe, and feel free to vote and comment. A Pirate's Life for Me: "Inertial dampeners are failing!" Screeched Mr. Gimmick. "Down to fifteen percent Captain!" "Expand tactical display!" I ordered....

Play Testers Wanted Pt. 15

by Lost Boy on Nov 16, 2020
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

This is another voluminous tale. I hope you enjoy. If you prefer me to chop these up into smaller bits, please inform me. I am especially proud of this one. I have created my own pieces of mythology to the Star Wars universe. Please vote and comment so I know where I can improve my craft. Thank you for all of your kind words and encouragement. Stay safe and...