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Infinite Scroll

Yandere SPH

by Mr5469 on Dec 15, 2019

You receive a letter in your locker at first you think is maybe some class of coupon or some other thing apparently is a love letter form some girl from your college, you think is super weird like the kind of stuff someone do in high school.What's next? Ignore it Accept to go What's next? Ignore it Accept to go...

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Das Yandere-Mädchen

by SioDerSio on Mar 25, 2020

"Mach doch nicht so ein Gesicht!", seufzte seine kleine Schwester Airi. An seiner Hand begleitete er die 12-Jährige mit zur Schule, da sie genau auf seinem Weg lag. "Du musstest deine Freunde zwar alle in Osaka lassen, aber Kobe ist doch eine riesig große Stadt! Du wirst ganz viele neue Freunde finden, und wenn nicht, spielen meine neuen Freun...

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A R.P.G. Life

by amazingme on Sep 17, 2017
Fan Fiction

I am starting to write stories here for the first time so this is sort of a trial run. Any ways here we go You are a normal guy just going on with your life average height, average build, average brains and average cock size .So you just hanging out on your PC banging away at the keyboard and destroying the miniture armies on screen . Ignoring the raging sto...

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by VirtualRP on Oct 26, 2017
Science Fiction

Hello, for those of you wondering why the first chapter isn't already diving into the story, it is for the reason as a type of hub for everything I will post and/or edit. Do not fret, I will try and make weekly updates if I can, though I will not take longer than an entire year, just remember I still have a life besides writing smut and similar things. I am...

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New in Dinosaurland with Superpowers

by Pooka on Sep 19, 2018
Fan Fiction

A bright light is all you can see. Your eyes squint against the glare all around you. You feel as though you are floating. Slowly your other senses start to wake up. The smells of nature waft over you as you try to clear your head. It feels as though you were asleep or maybe drugged? A flashback of pain from your face, your eyes! They took your eyes! As you...

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Cousin farm

by 1060300 on Apr 7, 2020
Erotic Couplings

In this story, you will follow Athena and Kyle as they awkwardly stumble around their sexual attraction to one another. This is my real first attempt at this so wish me luck. Notes are appreciated.What's next? Kyle Athena Info and characters now with pictures Special thanks What's next? Kyle Athena Info and characters now with pictures Special thanks...

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Monster Girl World Ch. 17

by Venus444 on Oct 8, 2019

Chapter 17-My Lovely Stalker Girlfriend Akira and Sayako had been dating for a month and a half now, and Akira was starting to get the hang of things. Despite Sayako being generally creepy and possessive, and having a mother who acted just like her but only scarier, and having three little sisters who acted more like actual centipedes than little monster gi...

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by Murakami on Sep 6, 2014
Mind Control

"All characters in this story are at least 18 years old. In the event that they are canonically underage, their appearance here is in an AU in which they are of age." Once upon a time, on a bet and while very very drunk, a higher power of some kind made a very special item. Whoever wears it is granted the power of normality: Anything and everything...

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Void maiden

by AnonymousUserNum1567 on Nov 3, 2019

Quoted from TokhaarGol Void maiden CYOA: “Do not panic lumenus one, the blackness which surrounds you is not dangerous, you are not dead, far from it. As we speak your body is being remade to better accommodate your newfound powers. Your existence for the moment is… Complicated to explain. But do not worry you will be made corporal once again. Allow me to ex...

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The Captive Prince

by juggernorth on Apr 3, 2020

Marcus was reading in bed when his kingdom fell. It was over an hour past his bedtime, but the young prince wanted to stay up and finish his book by candelight. It was way too exciting a story to put down, all about a brave and noble lady knight who saved a peasant boy from the clutches of an evil sorceress. He had his heart in his mouth at the thrilling act...

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