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Infinite Scroll

New in Dinosaurland with Superpowers

by Pooka on Sep 19, 2018
Fan Fiction

A bright light is all you can see. Your eyes squint against the glare all around you. You feel as though you are floating. Slowly your other senses start to wake up. The smells of nature waft over you as you try to clear your head. It feels as though you were asleep or maybe drugged? A flashback of pain from your face, your eyes! They took your eyes! As you...

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A R.P.G. Life

by amazingme on Sep 17, 2017
Fan Fiction

I am starting to write stories here for the first time so this is sort of a trial run. Any ways here we go You are a normal guy just going on with your life average height, average build, average brains and average cock size .So you just hanging out on your PC banging away at the keyboard and destroying the miniture armies on screen . Ignoring the raging sto...

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by VirtualRP on Oct 26, 2017
Science Fiction

Hello, for those of you wondering why the first chapter isn't already diving into the story, it is for the reason as a type of hub for everything I will post and/or edit. Do not fret, I will try and make weekly updates if I can, though I will not take longer than an entire year, just remember I still have a life besides writing smut and similar things. I am...

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by Voidhawk2 on Jul 22, 2010

It was finally over. The world had ended. Looking around the cramped fallout shelter, your eyes came to rest on your father in the other bunk, and you guiltily remember all the times you had mocked him for buying into all this survivalist crap. You had laughed when he had bought all that tinned food. You had laughed when he had dug that well. You had even la...

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Monster Girl World Ch. 17

by Venus444 on Oct 8, 2019

Chapter 17-My Lovely Stalker Girlfriend Akira and Sayako had been dating for a month and a half now, and Akira was starting to get the hang of things. Despite Sayako being generally creepy and possessive, and having a mother who acted just like her but only scarier, and having three little sisters who acted more like actual centipedes than little monster gi...

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Runt of the Litter

by grimbous on Oct 9, 2017

(This story involves a lot of humiliation of the main character, futa on male action, incest, and other fringe fetishes. If these aren't your thing turn back now. I also wanted to give credit to the artist Mafen for the above picture which inspired this story. To the best of my knowledge that is the artist's name, though I could be wrong.) The hall is quiet....

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Whitewash Christmas 2017

by EnglishTeacher on Jan 7, 2018
Interracial Love

Author's Note: This is a Christmas Special for fans of my series. All smut, little story. Think of this like a comic book annual, canon but out of order with the main plotline. Enjoy and, as always, leave your feedback. XXX Nik drove into the driveway after a hard day at the gym. He received one text from Gale telling him they were ready for their Christ...

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Mother's Milk

by elmer7780 on Dec 27, 2014

Backstory Jason, being an only child, was extremely fond of his mother. Just as an example, he had grown used to calling her 'mommy' while calling his father simply 'dad'. Isabelle, being a housewife and stay-at-home mother, did everything she could to help Jason with his studies when he was young until it appeared he could handle himself alone. For years, t...

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Moans in the Dark

by darkness_drearing on Jul 15, 2019
Mind Control

"We are what we pretend to be." Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Kaori Watanabe waited patiently for the bus. Or perhaps it was more accurate to say that Ihembra, Horror from the Black Abyss, Conqueror of Worlds Uncounted, Herald of the Blind Idiot God, had been reduced to waiting for a bus. It had been an impulse of Theirs, really. There had been a sect of huma...

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Nine-Tailed Wonder

by SPARTAN047 on Sep 16, 2017

On request by an anonymous Literotica user. This message contains feedback for: This feedback was sent by: Anonymous Comments: Hi, i have read alot of mamono stories. I notice they usually come in 2 flavors. 1. romantic (guy fall in love with monstergirl) 2. femdom (human get defeat, capture, enslave, raped by mostergirls) it can become loving femdom...

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