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Geralt's Rescue

by fantasy_lover5678 on Sep 16, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

"I am not too late," Yennefer exhaled sharply as she saw Geralt alive, a wave of relief flooding through her body and untangling the knot of worry in her chest. He was squirming uncomfortably inside a giant cauldron, his hands tied behind his back, but he was very much alive, thank the Gods. Always getting into tight spots like this one. What would she do...

The Diadem of Kovir Pt. 01

by fantasy_lover5678 on Sep 16, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Author's note: I envision this being a four-part series. It will have some plot that goes beyond the usual smut. ---------------------- "Fucking Shani," Yennefer said as she plucked the reins of her horse. "Can you believe it?" "No," Triss said slowly, "I cannot. I would have thought..." She let the sentence hang in the air. "Ploughing ginger slut," Y...

Geralt Takes Yennefer Up the Ass

by smokeyjewell on May 11, 2020
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

*Author's note: This is a work of fan fiction using characters from The Witcher universe. Both Geralt and Yennefer are characters created and owned by Andrzej Sapkowski, and I do not claim any ownership over them or any other characters from The Witcher universe. This story is for entertainment only and is not part of the official Witcher canon. **For fans...

The Witcher

by adam17017 on Mar 19, 2017
Fan Fiction

Geralt of Rivia rode his way through the winding cobblestone streets of Novigrad, a free city within the Kingdom of Redania. Becoming a Witcher meant going through a series of tests, back at the Witcher fortress of Kaer Morhen, which few ever survive. Every single person put through the trials is only a child, so that if they pass the tests, their body is ab...

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Geralt and Ciri

by justsomeguy41 on Apr 14, 2020
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Note: Semi-incest but not really, all anal, kinda harsh language with a few mentions of pain and humiliation. Third section has some futa-lite stuff. I just really like the idea of a girl getting a cock and enjoying the heck out of it. Short feedback on recent and forthcoming posts appreciated. Just why you like/don't like stuff because I almost didn't pos...

Shower Curtain Glory Hole

by married40scouple on Jul 13, 2020
Transgender & Crossdressers

"But a promise made must be honored. As true for a commoner as it is for a queen." Geralt, 'The Witcher', Netflix movie My roommate, Rob and I were doing real well with the ladies and partying hard until this quarantine was imposed on us and we were stuck on the eighth floor in this ten story apartment building. Of course, we were going nuts and getting de...

Video Game ENP

by Humilatron on May 9, 2019
Fan Fiction

**New** Now allowing ALL characters, not just female!!! Welcome to every gamers' fantasy. Have you ever wanted to see your favorite character being stripped of all their dignity? Well step right up for this is the place for you. We've got characters ranging from all over the gaming world from Mrs Pacman to Commander Shepard whomever you want is fair game as...

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The Women in my Life

by Stocking1331 on Sep 12, 2019

One or more of the main character’s female family members and close friends are going to get possessed or body swapped. The one who gets their body is going to be a bit of a pervert, and obviously heavily involves the main character in the use of said body. I am personally only marginally good at setting up threads. Please don’t expect me to get into the “ni...

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Witches of Lust Ch. 15

by wet_special on Jun 19, 2018
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Succubi absorb the life force of anyone they touch. Fortunately, our succubi were fitted with control collars that rendered them safe for hours of erotic pleasure. The lovely demonesses coaxed me to one orgasm after another, each time they greedily took my shafts deep into their bodies so that they would not miss a drop of my spirit energy. They also teased...

Resident Evil - Outbreak Ch. 03

by allenknott3 on Sep 14, 2020
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 C.E. (Chapter Three) President's Office, Raccoon University, Raccoon City "...alright, next there is a group of students at the high school. Jill, Claire, Zoey, and Wichita will come with me to the high school. Alice, you're in command until we return," voices Arthur. Arthur, Alice, Jill Valentine, Abigail Wolff, Claire Redfi...