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Love Pink

by AmethystMare on Apr 14, 2020
Mind Control

Paige held her books for her next class in close to her chest as she stepped out to her next class, low, demure heels setting a brisk clip down the school hallway. In her final year of high school, a prestigious one where seniors only could really get down and study at Brookridge, she was taking no chances in missing the marks she needed for her college of c...

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Dominated by Sister's BF

by Philltech13 on Oct 29, 2018

Freshman year of college was over and I was so happy to be back home to see my family and sister. College was fun and I made so many friends but it was nice for everything to finally end and now I can relax. I realized that I needed to save up money for next year of college so I started looking for jobs and conveniently found one at a gym pretty close to my...

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Broadcast Lust Ch. 03

by buster_lo on Apr 23, 2019
Mind Control

Chapter 3: Tessa Is In Hell August 23, 5:58PM Emerald City Hot Yoga, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA Meet "The Girl In Pink" I think I'm in hell. I mean, I don't even know if I believe in hell, exactly. I'm not sure. The whole idea of absolute evil and being forced to spend eternity in a really hot place burning and screaming and suffering and being punished be...

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A Secret Revealed Pt. 03

by pregnantex on Sep 26, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

My ex wife and I lay in our respective beds, each wiped out from masturbating. Beth, alone in her room, spent a little too long primping for her affair with a yoga instructor, feeling the immediate urge to pleasure herself. I, alone in my room, watching Beth secretly on my television thanks to a forgotten Skype call. I stared in post orgasmic bliss at her...

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Seduction at the Old Gaol Ch. 07

by AndreaJordan on Sep 14, 2017

Belinda's short flirty pink dress looked out of place as she sat on her kitchen stool with the morning sun streaming in through the window. Her body still hadn't processed the endorphins from making love the night before and still glowed despite the cooler temperature. Kate was sitting opposite her in the small tidy kitchen and although there was no one els...

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Mrs. Mills' Predicament Ch. 13

by TheRealFlash on Sep 18, 2018

After getting home and taking a quick shower, I was still curious about Mrs. Mills' new "friend", Rich. I peeked out the back window to see what was happening. Neither Mrs. Mills, nor her friend, were anywhere to be seen... Not on the patio, not in the pool, nowhere in the backyard. Moving back to my bedroom and looking out of the window, I found them. Mrs....

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All Worked Out

by justboycrazy on Sep 17, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

I was working out in my home gym, doing some of my favorite workouts to lift my mood and also to de-stress. I like to do yoga, belly dancing, strip aerobics, Zumba, and walking for 30 minutes on my Treadclimber twice a day; sometimes I like to kickbox whenever I'm in a bad mood and/or have the urge to kick somebody's ass. I had just finished an hour-long wor...

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Yoga Session Leads to More

by softcaresses on Jun 1, 2020
Loving Wives

My older brother and his wife live 5 minutes from our childhood home. They are both 27 and have good-paying jobs as corporate "suits". John and Suzanne married 3 years ago, and they live the typical suburban, workaholic lifestyle. No plans yet for kids or pets -- too busy for both. I am 21, having just finished my junior year of college. I live at home with...

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Furnace Repairs

by Memoirserotic on Sep 12, 2017
Loving Wives

Our Furnace has been acting up recently, making some weird sounds. Hubby called the furnace company to see if they could sent a repair tech out to look at it. Unfortunately, it was set up first thing in the morning the next day. Hubby had an important meeting that morning so he couldn't go in late, so I ended up going into work late instead. I had an early...

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Euphoric Obedience

by MCtales on Jul 6, 2020
Mind Control

John watched through a one-way mirror as the yoga class began. It hadn't been easy convincing Emma the cost of private lessons was worth it. In the end, flattery had proved the key—she'd caved once John told her she was too advanced for group sessions and her classmates were holding her back. John shook his head, remembering how Emma's blue, almond-shaped ey...

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