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Again Last Night

by BACarter on Sep 17, 2017
Loving Wives

It happened again last night. They went to dinner, just the two of them. He teased her on the drive there by slipping a finger inside her and continued at the restaurant underneath the table. The waiter approached the table. He was young, dark featured, good looking. She disarmed him from the very beginning with a look that made him blush. She was very goo...

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Our Mistress' High School

by Philnominal on Sep 13, 2017

Colin Goss was an unremarkable young man. Average in stature, average looks and distinctly average in his academic abilities. Having felt the weight of expectation from his two very beautiful and intelligent sisters and a mother who demanded nothing but the best, he felt doomed by his very biological make up. Colin didn't date girls, he didn't have friends...

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Sex Talk with Kathie Lee and Hoda Ch. 03

by DickThePimp on Sep 12, 2018
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

This is a fuck and suck parody. "Hey there everyone. You know what time it is... Its Sex Talk time!!" Hoda screamed out. It was time for she and Kathie Lee's top rated segment, where they talk sex, with a guest. "Yes it is, please welcome our guest today, Andrea Mitchell!!" Kathie Lee said excitedly. Andrea came out dressed in a black turtleneck blouse, bla...

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Executive Decision

by cgraven on Nov 20, 2018

This is a closed thread for Angeleyz and cgraven read along and enjoy. *** All successful business endeavors are more than just a vision or the drive of a single entrepreneur. If that was so then much less start up would fail. It took much more, it took finding your nitch in your chosen market, then capitalize on it, know when to expand, and just as import...

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A Goddess on Earth

by YKN4949 on Sep 16, 2017
Transsexuals & Crossdressers

I stood, surrounding, in a sea of people. We all moved as one, gently swaying one direction and then another. We looked like stalks of wheat during a summer breeze or sea grass rocking to the moon's invisible pull. And the entire world was awash in sound. The most beautiful sound in the world. My hands were in the air as I swayed and I felt a spiritual, almo...

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Julie's Mistake Ch. 15

by GrantLee on Sep 12, 2017

Pamela awoke the next morning in the near darkness of pre-dawn. Although she had only slept intermittently during the night, she found that after a night of intense sexual intercourse and several orgasms, she was well rested and her lush body completely relaxed. Her eyes gradually adjusted to the dark room and she saw Hall sleeping soundly beside her. She lo...

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Foreign Correspondent - Beyond Japan Ch. 02

by cgraven on Oct 31, 2018

"This is Miss Talia Carlton, what am I bid for this gorgeous young beauty." The Lascar sailors forced Talia to the auction block and Abdulla unveiled her. There was an audible gasp as her angelic face was revealed to them. Those soft blue eyes grew wide with disbelief as Talia was forced to the auction block. That sweet, adorable, look of shock and betraya...

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Little Red Riding Hood

by gatorman on Sep 26, 2017

(A story by Bros. Grimm, slightly altered by Gatorman) I know . . . You've already heard the story of Little Red Riding-hood, when you were a little boy or girl yourself. Only remember: THAT story was translated to English from the German story compiled by the Brothers Grimm, along with a LOT of other similar German "Fairy Tales." When they compiled t...

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Foreign Correspondent Ch. 02

by cgraven on Sep 13, 2017

"Once more you leave me with a Devil's choice, you fiend. Tell me the other alternative. How do I know that if I choose the alternative, that you will not deliberately make it much worse than branding me? Why would you do such a thing? I hate you with every fiber of my being." The simple ferocity of the answer form his adorable little concubine revealed a l...

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Executive Decision Ch. 02

by cgraven on Nov 27, 2018

The continuing story of the seduction of Miss Angela Johnson. The first morning of Miss Angela Johnson's new life, of her captivity, dawned brightly. The scandalous attire that the Merchant's had provided for her was neatly folded just as she herself would have done. Her luxurious chestnut hair fanned out around her angelic face just the way it had been in...

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