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Executive Decision

by cgraven on Nov 20, 2018

This is a closed thread for Angeleyz and cgraven read along and enjoy. *** All successful business endeavors are more than just a vision or the drive of a single entrepreneur. If that was so then much less start up would fail. It took much more, it took finding your nitch in your chosen market, then capitalize on it, know when to expand, and just as import...

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Executive Decision Ch. 02

by cgraven on Nov 27, 2018

The continuing story of the seduction of Miss Angela Johnson. The first morning of Miss Angela Johnson's new life, of her captivity, dawned brightly. The scandalous attire that the Merchant's had provided for her was neatly folded just as she herself would have done. Her luxurious chestnut hair fanned out around her angelic face just the way it had been in...

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A Harem of Men Slaves

by radassat on Sep 16, 2017

"Everybody ready in 2 minutes," said the harem master while she rang the bells. "Mistress will be here with her guest." I heard her void from the upstairs and I knew I had to leave everything and go to the main salon of the apartments. But before I did that I quickly removed my clothes. The first rule of the house was that we were not allowed to wear anythi...

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'Twas The Night Before Christmas

by TittyBlonde on Sep 19, 2017
Loving Wives

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, only beautiful young Sadie was stirring. She was sitting before the fireplace giving her baby his 2 AM feeding. As the cooing infant suckled, the beautiful young mother reflected on the good fortune of her life. Blessed with physical beauty, Sadie was a total dream girl. An all natural, pure plati...

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Soldier and Nurse

by Blackz_Sidez on Sep 12, 2017
Erotic Couplings

The young soldier was alone in sick bay. Due to his recent accident, he hasn't been able to get into town on leave. Being young and male he was becoming super horny. Because of the normal lack of privacy in the ward, a guy couldn't even jerk off without the threat of being caught. The young man just couldn't take it any longer, he just had to have release, s...

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A Foot Slave's First Orgasm

by CFNMtickledguy on Sep 19, 2017

At the beginning of a foot-slave's 18th year he is prepared every day by his mentor, a woman in her thirties or forties, who is responsible for his training and behavior at the Royal Court. The mentor has been given the young slave when he is about 10 years of age and she has been training him in the art of foot massage technique and all of the necessary pra...

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In Search of Knowledge

by cgraven on Jul 15, 2019

MacGyver University was a small prestigious institution in the hills of rural New England. It was known for its avant-garde programs, and parapsychology department. The spring semester was drawing to a close and soon the announcements for summer programs would be appearing. Unlike many Universities MacGyver did not limit participation to graduate students bu...

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Foreign Correspondent - Beyond Japan Ch. 01

by cgraven on Oct 31, 2018

Nothing in her young life had prepared Miss Talia Carlton for this feudal Nipponese culture, or for what would be expected of her, and for what would be demanded of her as a concubine. Her life as Heihachirō --sama little blue eyed concubine was so different from anything she had known. Not only was Talia his redheaded blue eye sexual concubine, but as there...

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Final Vows Ch. 03

by 0131aj on Sep 12, 2017
First Time

Mother Superior lapped at the young nun's face and neck, licking up all the spunk with which the priest had defiled her innocent face. The younger woman lay there in shock, almost oblivious to the fact that her older Sister was lying on top of her, their breasts rubbing together, removing the results of the first blowjob she had ever given. As she began to...

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Susan's Saturday Night Sex Ch. 04

by SusanJillParker on Sep 26, 2017

There are no characters under the age of 18 in this story. All characters portrayed are over the age of 21. * What's good enough for men to do with women is good enough for Susan to do with men. Nothing more than victims having sex with their sexual predators, older men know how to play the Daddy card to get what they sexually want from their surrogate d...

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