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Little Red Riding Hood

by gatorman on Sep 26, 2017

(A story by Bros. Grimm, slightly altered by Gatorman) I know . . . You've already heard the story of Little Red Riding-hood, when you were a little boy or girl yourself. Only remember: THAT story was translated to English from the German story compiled by the Brothers Grimm, along with a LOT of other similar German "Fairy Tales." When they compiled t...

Executive Decision Ch. 02

by cgraven on Nov 27, 2018

The continuing story of the seduction of Miss Angela Johnson. The first morning of Miss Angela Johnson's new life, of her captivity, dawned brightly. The scandalous attire that the Merchant's had provided for her was neatly folded just as she herself would have done. Her luxurious chestnut hair fanned out around her angelic face just the way it had been in...

Nightshade becomes Nightslut

by thorprovoni on Aug 18, 2017

A beautiful and athletic woman is alone at the top of a building. She is dressed in a superhero uniform. The superhero uniform is black leather and very tight. The woman is blonde and has a black mask. The woman's name is Nightshade and is a famous superhero. The woman is voluptuous and very tempting though it is thirty-eight years. She has big tits with big...

The School Counsel Who Can't Say No Ch. 04

by Dunross2011 on Sep 11, 2017
Interracial Love

Claire Lin stepped back into the carpeted office to let her next charge enter. The college student—young, skinny Asian with a thick mop of hair and wearing a tartan miniskirt, black leggings and tight sweater—walked into the office looking around as if she expected to see something. Claire peeked out of the office door into the hallway of the community colle...

Executive Decision

by cgraven on Nov 20, 2018

This is a closed thread for Angeleyz and cgraven read along and enjoy. *** All successful business endeavors are more than just a vision or the drive of a single entrepreneur. If that was so then much less start up would fail. It took much more, it took finding your nitch in your chosen market, then capitalize on it, know when to expand, and just as import...

Something To Do on Valentine's Day

by trappedinside on Sep 13, 2017
Group Sex

The young very attractive barmaid was walking toward where the woman was setting at the far end of the very crowded bar. The girl set a second glass of white wine next to the one she had ordered earlier; one still more than half full. "I didn't order another drink." The dark haired beauty said. The server, a beauty in her own right, was quite tall and slim...

Executive Decision Ch. 03

by cgraven on Feb 26, 2019

Miss Angela Johnson continuing story. Julia curled in the crook of Alex's arm her head resting on his chest and cooed so sweetly. "Oh she is so delightfully innocent dear". Julia giggled like a little schoolgirl as she declared. "and so sweetly delicious." The tip of Julia's little pink tongue sled across the sensual bow of her lips. Alex claimed Julia's li...

The Cowboy and the Schoolgirl

by MrJack on Sep 11, 2017

(Part one) Morning Memory Katie glanced out her classroom window and noticed the ominous clouds darkening the afternoon skies. This 18-year-old high school senior jerked involuntarily when a blaze of lightening streaked to the ground. Big Sky country was what Montana was called and a big sky storm was brewing. When her 12th grade history teacher resumed h...

Lovers at the Beach

by inseptem on Sep 17, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

G, a 27 year old man walked into the long room. The local girls' private school were holding an exhibition of art and G's younger sister had invited him. It was an exhibition of art with various photographs and pictures and portraits too. Many of the photographs had an erotic feel. And the room was a room was not a long room in the sense of a long rectangle...

Daddy's Little Girlfriend Ch. 05

by WisdomousOne on Sep 15, 2017

I woke up the next morning thoroughly drained. My two little girls had drained their daddy for every last drop of my cum that they could squeeze from my cock. Heather, my daughter, and her friend Alexis had left for school already this morning. I got up and took a shower reliving the night before in my mind. The next few weeks went by very happily for all o...