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Your Daughter Turns 21

by olly on Mar 16, 2019

“Oh yes, daddy. Fuck me daddy, fuck me so hard. Cum in my young pussy!” These words are music to your ears and make your cock throb. “I love you Amelia, you’re my favorite little slut!” you say as you thrust harder and harder into the wet pussy beneath you. Your eyes are closed as you pound your cock foward, fucking with all of your might. It’s the eve of yo...

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by olly on Oct 3, 2017
Mind Control

In the first year of your relationship with Emma you were totally happy, but as time went on you found yourself increasingly sexually frustrated. The almost total lack of sex had been taking its toll on you and the relationship. You knew that if things didn’t change your relationship wouldn’t last. Using this logic, buying the Slave4U aphrodisiac off the int...

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Cult of Adam

by The Archmaester on Oct 9, 2020

A hundred years ago, the Archangel Samael descended from Heaven and gave the prophet, Adam Smith, a set of golden plates upon which was inscribed the new covenant between man and his Creator. Guided by The Lord's hand, Adam translated the plates, revealing God's desire to create a new paradise free of the taint of the original sin. Years later, the village h...

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An Analysis on Incest

by Th3Desi on Sep 13, 2017
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In this day of sexual liberation, incest is the one kind of copulation hardly anyone is willing to stand up to defend. Most of us define incest as sexual intercourse between two closely related people. It's a sickening thought to imagine sex between two family members. There is no human group that approves of father-daughter, mother-son, or brother-sister ma...

What Is Incest?

by Hypoxia on Sep 16, 2017

Disclaimer: Only adults have sex here. Nothing to get freaked over. This is a semi-serious essay, I hope. ***** WHAT IS INCEST? ***** Do you go to family gatherings looking for fuck-partners? MOTHERFUCKER! Well, that is one way to start. It is pretty common in Russian to say "Yób tvoyú mat", meaning "Really?!" or "Gosh!" But literally it is "(I) fucke...

Susan's Saturday Night Sex Ch. 08

by SusanJillParker on Sep 26, 2017

There are no characters under the age of 18 in this story. All characters portrayed are over the age of 21. All about sex. Susan's Saturday night 4F ritual of finding, feeling, fucking, and forgetting about men gets her through her week. * Now that she knew that so very many men want to have sex with their mothers, she thought about doing more research o...

Summertime Incest Story Collection

by wilparu on Jun 20, 2020

Welcome to the Summertime Incest Story Collection, an anthology of short incest stories sharing the hottest season’s setting or vibe. As it is summer, Father’s Day in June will feature in a few stories but they may reflect themes of hot summer lust, occur during a summer vacation, or simply take place in the season. And, while we are currently talking about...

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This Fucking Paper

by clearwinston on Sep 16, 2017

"So, why is it illegal?" she asked. The whole class turned and looked at her as if it was the stupidest question in the world. Some snickered and a couple muttered something, but nothing she could clearly hear. "Excuse me?" asked the professor. "What was that?" "I said, why is it illegal? I mean, I understand little kids and everything, you know, sexual ab...

The Box In The Attic

by gentlemom on Sep 15, 2017

Emily and her older cousin Tricia were thoroughly engrossed in the hard work of uncluttering the attic of Tricia's home. Organizing the haphazard stacks of boxes and bags, and sorting out the good stuff from the disposable items, made it necessary for Tricia to assess the relative value of almost everything they found. Emily would hold up each uncertain item...

How to Endure a Heatwave

by Ghostwind on Sep 16, 2017

All characters are/were over 18 at the times of portrayal. ***** This heatwave feels unending; but of course it's only been a few days. It's too hot to do anything. Or wear clothes. Of course the last part has never bothered us at home. We're naked now, lazing on the patio in the back garden. I rigged a large sheet out from the back of the house, like a...