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Caribbean Cruise Nightmare Ch. 03

by robertpenn on Sep 16, 2017

I looked quickly all over the boat to see if I could find some kind of weapon. I assumed my wife and Gary were on that island somewhere, and I thought if I could find a gun or a knife, I could perhaps rescue them But I could find nothing. My thoughts went back to the last two days and the events, while cloudy, had me confused. What was the ultimate aim of...

People Watching Ch. 01

by MikeAndJan on Aug 19, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

"I just love Tarpon Springs." My wife almost sang as we walked down the sidewalk that led through the little square to the main street along the pier. "No matter how many times I come here it always seems so special." "I just wish I lived close enough to come more often like you two." My sister who was visiting from out of state quickly added. "OK gals." I...

Prom Date

by jcace on Sep 12, 2017
Loving Wives

My sexy and beautiful wife Lynn, a 33 year old blonde bomb shell, and I live next do to an older couple that has an 18 year old son. He is a senior in high school. Mark is a football star and is built accordingly with muscles throughout his young body. He is quite arrogant and always seems to get what he wants whether it is fast cars or hot sexy women. I've...

The Punishment

by thenaughtyhusband on Sep 26, 2017
Loving Wives

Last night I woke from a naughty dream. I thought about my wife going to a bar dressed really sexy and picking up a young guy as I sat in the corner and watched. I didn't even realize that I was touching my hard cock in bed next to my wife as I was fantasizing. So vigorously in fact that it woke her up in a bit of shock. "Are you touching yourself?" she bl...

Pam's Lessons in Camping Survival

by kcamal on Sep 26, 2017
Group Sex

Previous readers of my other stories know one side of my wife, a side that I never knew existed until recently. We met in school and she is (was) a very conservative person. Our sex life is good but nothing out of the ordinary, except for the couple of instances that started about 3 1/2 years ago. It is strange because typically the lights must be out and sh...

Meating Our Young Neighbor

by meatmywife on Mar 12, 2019
Loving Wives

Several weeks ago my wife Jolene and I had gone out to a local jazz club for dinner, drinks, dancing and daring. If you have read our other escapades you know my beautiful wife's long tan legs and supple tits. This night her very short basic black dress barely covered her legs that were accentuated by her high-heeled sandals. Having gone bra-less her breasts...

The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 17

by cuckcpl4play on Sep 26, 2017

PART 17: THE NIGHTMARE OF VEGAS WAS NOT OVER It had not been even 15 minutes when I heard the door to the suite open. I was expecting to hear lots of voices, but that was not the case. Seconds later, the light flipped on and Karen stood there with a devious smile. "The night is nowhere near finished slut," she said and immediately she ordered both of us t...

My Wife's Young Black Lover Ch. 02

by mike_dunbar5 on Sep 12, 2017
Loving Wives

Our renewed invitation to my wife's new young black lover to visit us regularly was mutually agreed upon and anticipated by all. On his subsequent visits I was continually mesmerised and a little shocked by the sheer power and strength of this young black Adonis that was a beautiful source of sexual satisfaction for my wife. Adolescent and immature he may...

My Wife's Young Black Lover

by mike_dunbar5 on Sep 12, 2017
Loving Wives

So what is it about us older white husbands who fantasies about other men sexually pleasing our wives. Why was it that for years I imagining my beautiful big breasted wife having long and erotic sex with a young well-hung black buck? Well, from my very recent and extraordinary experience, I now know a lot more about why us voyeuristic husbands always thi...

18 Yr. Old Boy Pounds 51 Yr. Old MILF

by MF4BIM on Sep 12, 2017

I had been having back problems over the past few weeks when Dawn brought up the idea of finding someone to do the lawn cutting for me. Rachel her close friend had recommended a young man who was looking for a few extra bucks before going away to college in the fall. His name was Dave, a hard working eighteen year old who had done several side jobs over the...