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Dodger's new stream

by Britishguy1993 on Apr 1, 2016
Fan Fiction

Dodger Leigh knew that once she pushed that start stream button that her whole career would change from shy girl next door youtuber to nasty cum loving cam slut. And part of her loved the naughty feeling she was getting from this. The other part of her cried out for attention and cock as her fiance left her for another big titted youtuber. Dodger was sat on...

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YouTubers try exhibitionism

by PurplePython on Sep 26, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

For some YouTubers sharing huge amounts about their lives with their audience just isn't enough. Sometimes they want to share their entire bodies with their viewers. Characters you can choose (so far): Dodie: independent singer & vlogger Anna Akana: comedian & actress Barbara Dunkelman: from Rooster Teeth Hannah Witton: sex education YouTuber Hazel...

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Career change

by Britishguy1993 on Sep 26, 2017
Fan Fiction

Hannah was sat at her computer in yogtowers and she was fed up. Yet again another video taken down but Polaris and maker studios one again her emails fell on deft ears and if not then it was up for a day then gone and money lost. Then she thought screw it I'm leaving them and you know what screw yogscast too I could do this from home. She sent both emails to...

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Erotic Entertainment

by LiteraryLover on Sep 26, 2017

Like the synopsis stated, this will be similar to Writerperson's story "Stripped on Screen", but instead of being about movie and television characters succumbing to both ENF and some free use type situations. I figured I'd rebrand this story to include both ENF and Free-use in branching points from each character, labeled as such. Imagine Black Wi...

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Jessica Nigri's Trust Issues

by cwardfiction on Apr 15, 2019

The following story depicts abusive behavior. The crime of rape is only presented here as an imaginary fantasy for your personal reading. It belongs nowhere except in fiction, in written words. Reading is fun... rape is not. Examples of Nigri's monthly Patreon rewards: Letter posted on her social media, an inspiration for this story: "To Jessica Nigr...

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Hypno celebs

by Britishguy1993 on Sep 26, 2017
Mind Control

Celebs get wild after seeming a vid that hypnotises them and makes them moaning sluts. I'll will start with streamers and youtube celebs then move on to more main stream celeb. Add a comment for any celebs you would like to see.What's next? Hazel Hayes Kaeyi Dream Natalie Dormer PenseGeek Mousie What's next? Hazel Hayes Kaeyi Dream Natalie Dormer PenseGe...

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Celeb body swap

by Mitch2161998 on Sep 26, 2017
Fan Fiction

You don't know how or why but for some reason you now have the ability to become any person over the age of 18 you want by simply wishing it before you sleep (you return to yourself in the same way and can also access their memorys). So...What's next? Alyson Hannigan Miley Cyrus Taylor swift Dodger leigh (youtuber) Fictional beings (fanfic) Emma Watson Bell...

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Smut Anthology

by lolhappy250 on Dec 9, 2018

This "story" is meant to be a replacement for my tumblr, since they decided to fuck themselves right after I started a blog, and since all my content was erotica anyways, this seemed like a serviceable choice. As such, within you'll find a variety of short stories and flash fiction, rather than an overarching plot. Fair warning, I lean heavily towa...

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A Special Night, Laci's First...

by Sissy_Chantel on Nov 27, 2018
Transgender & Crossdressers

Prologue: My name is Lawrence, I'm a young 40 something widowed white male, living a heterosexual life. However I have my feminine side, her name is Laci and as such I am a transvestite. I have preferred the long classical term of transvestite for a genetic male who dresses in women's clothes. But crossdresser also works as well. As a transvestite in my fu...

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The adventures of Cobra.

by Britishguy1993 on May 18, 2017
Fan Fiction

Featured in this chapter: Cobra - Ben Luscious Lips - Dodie Clark. Neon signs and giant screens illuminated the Mega city skyline, high rise apartment buildings towered across the city, standing tall against but one building, a giant skyscraper that read JUGS CORP. in bold pink lettering. Standing in the window of one of the apartment building a man looked o...

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