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Infinite Scroll

God's Experiment

by Ragnockae136 on Dec 2, 2017
Fan Fiction

I was one lowly human, with great perversion in my head, u til I found out I was God's Experiment, or more likely: His Stooge. This is Essentially my own Life in different universes, and I Aim to fuck more than my share of beauties. (Authors Note: This was Inspired by Khan's Story, it is not intended to be a cheap knock off or a reproduction.)What's next? D...

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Yu-Gi-Oh - Dark Magician Slut

by ShengLong2005 on Jan 24, 2006
Fan Fiction

The promotional deck you sought that day was limited in it's release. Featuring a set of totally unique cards and new variants on old ones that were only coming out with that card set, It was a case of 'Buy it or miss out'. It even came with a update for Power Of Chaos that added extra cards to all three games, plus a fourth secret opponent. You managed to g...

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Sexual Scenarios

by zig322 on Dec 7, 2019
Fan Fiction

What we have here is a series of sexual scenarios from anime, cartoons, comics, tv shows, video games, movies, and even some original ideas. These scenarios will involve: spanking, ENF, forced feminization and crossdressing, foot fetish, tickling, LGBTQ, mind control, incest, any other perverted thing anyone can think of, and of course sex (consent or non-co...

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Fictional Body Possession Device

by LoneDynasty on Jun 24, 2019
Fan Fiction

You (RJ Zang) was sitting in the living room of your house watching TV and doing your math homework. You just got off the phone with your friend Danny who lives near by who says he and some of your friends will come over to play video games for the night, when you heard the doorbell ring. "Well Danny sure got here fast" you say as you got up to ope...

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by Mystery Meat on May 7, 2020
Fan Fiction

Introduction Who goes 1st? Feel free to add chaptersWhat's next? Naruto One Piece My Hero Academia Dragon Ball Inuyasha Bleach Seven Deadly Sins Neon Genesis Evangelion Fullmetal Alchemist Gurren Lagann Soul Eater Fire Force Dr. Stone Yu-Gi-Oh (Any) One Punch Man Fairy Tail Code Geass...

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Ghost of the Series

by Blade on Jan 2, 2020

You were walking home one day from college since you had a long day of nonstop classes. As you were walking home, you were listening to some jazz music to calm your nerves. After a couple of hours, you got home, opened the door before closing it as you yelled to your sister that you were home but you heard no answer. You soon thought that she was at her boyf...

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Incident At The Dojo

by Ashson on Sep 2, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Jodie was eighteen and was a regular member at the dojo. She was quite good at Judo, well able to hold her own in a bout. She was a fit and healthy girl, intelligent and quite good looking. She would never be called a supermodel, but she was the sort of girl next door that the boys all wanted to date. She was not a virgin, after a certain incident at the g...

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by CorpseKing on Apr 24, 2016
Fan Fiction

The Infinity Stones. Each one has power over an element of the universe. The Blue Mind Stone, which strengthens and enhances mental powers. Both intellect and the ability to process information and reason, as well as psionic powers of telepathy and telekinesis. Boosted and controlled by wielding the Power Gem, one could enter and control all minds at once, a...

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Yu-Gi-Oh: The Sorcerer's Grudge (ENF and other scenarios)

by MidbossMan on Feb 10, 2020
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

((As my maiden voyage into writing, this was fun for the time, but practically, I consider this story abandoned. I don't plan to add any more to it. Thanks to those of you who did read it! If you are interested in adopting this story, please contact me and I'll be happy to add you as an author, at which point you can make whatever edits or changes you please...

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The Love I Made Ch. 01

by Phero on Aug 21, 2018

Forgive my bad grammar. English is my third language. I had fun making this, another part may come out in the future. ***** For the past week I've been visiting my childhood friend, Dawn. She's been having a tough fever, and I live nearby so why not visit her. My parents have traveled overseas, so it doesn't matter what time of the day I visit Dawn. So lo...

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