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Infinite Scroll

Cheers Luv! The Cavalry's Here!

by JennyLoser on Feb 13, 2018
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Tags - Futa/F/F, Cuckquean, Excessive Cum, Big Cock, Big Balls, Small Breast Humiliation, Small Cunt Humiliation, True Love ***** Lena and Emily stepped out of the car, thanking their driver. "Leave a good tip," Emily reminded her. "I always do," Lena replied. "And always give them five stars. These companies punish drivers really badly for not having...

The Tracer Twins Ch. 02

by Lithium_hobo on Sep 18, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

The following story was created purely for entertainment purposes, and the author does not gain any profit from its distribution. While the events depicted are the original creations of the author, the characters are owned by Blizzard Entertainment, and all relevant partners. This story is in not connected to the canon of Overwatch. Please do not distribute...

Overwatch: The Lost Soldier

by SwirlingJedi on Feb 6, 2018
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Author's Note: First off, I need to say this, just so I don't tread on anyones toes; Overwatch, and all characters affiliated, are copyrights of Blizzard Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended for this story. All rights belong to Blizzard Entertainment and this story is strictly a fan-fiction, meant for entertainment purposes only. Now tha...

The Sim - Overwatch Ch. 03

by justsomeguy41 on Oct 22, 2019
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Note: I kinda dropped the first-person/Sim aspect to these stories. All anal as usual. Two long stories and one short one. The Widow/Sombra section is more light-hearted than the rest for the most part. Also, I know it has continuity issues, but just don't worry about it. The Moira section involves unrealistic, large and deep insertions. The short Widow stor...

Naughty Overwatch

by Fiftyfiftyfifty on Jun 15, 2016
Fan Fiction

To enjoy this story, you don't need to know about the Overwatch cast, but it'll certainly help. Though at this point, I assume almost everybody has at least heard of the game. If your preferred character doesn't lead to a path yet, feel free to like it and return at another time, and hopefully something will be written. Feel free to "like" your fav...

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Overwatch Bootcamp

by agirlgoneawry on Feb 28, 2019
Fan Fiction

The coach shuddered to a stop. Despite the smell of thirty athletic guys and girls sweating their asses off, and being cramped into an uncomfortable seat that felt like it was made out of concrete, your heart was racing. You were finally here. You were doing this. Ever since you were a little kid, all you could dream of was becoming an Overwatch agent. What...

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New in Dinosaurland with Superpowers

by Pooka on Sep 19, 2018
Fan Fiction

A bright light is all you can see. Your eyes squint against the glare all around you. You feel as though you are floating. Slowly your other senses start to wake up. The smells of nature waft over you as you try to clear your head. It feels as though you were asleep or maybe drugged? A flashback of pain from your face, your eyes! They took your eyes! As you...

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Entering Orbit Ch. 02

by Vostok on Sep 14, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Sarah tried to stretch in the cramped confines of her sleeping cubical as she slipped off her daytime coveralls. There was barely enough room in the closet-sized space to turn around, and getting changed required some dexterous acrobatics that would have been impossible in normal gravity. Sarah had been on the Space Station for five days now, and the strain...

A D.Va, the Faire & a Waffle Ch. 03

by HLD on May 22, 2018
Erotic Couplings

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my story. It's the final part of this series, although I may pick up with these characters again later. The game Overwatch figures into this tale, and although I usually try to avoid pinning my stories down to a specific time, this particular story is set around September to December 2017, and by the time it got p...

Futa Queen

by CrescentRose on Sep 19, 2017

"I can't believe I'm doing this." Emily could only think about how fucked up her situation was right now. And all because she thought that one of the hottest chicks in her senior year had wanted to bang. Emily wasn't an ugly girl, far from it in fact. What she was lacking was confidence as a closeted lesbian. Short in stature and kind of boyish in physique...