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Who Owns You Pt. 01

by evil_from_cssa on Sep 14, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

She patiently waited as his front door, looking around she saw no one close by who could see how embarrassed she was at being here. She knew this wasn't a good relationship for her but her arousal level told her she is supposed to be here. Zendaya clutched the top of her short silk robe closed a bit more as the nervousness threatened to overwhelm her. 'What...

Who Owns You Pt. 03

by evil_from_cssa on Sep 17, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Zendaya tensed immediately when she heard his voice and felt his hot breath at the nape of her neck. "Did you wear that collar just for me?" he asked. She felt her pulse race, her breathing tense and her body stiffen. How had he found her? Zendaya then felt his hands caressing her thighs. The dress she wore covered most of her body, leaving only her smalli...

The Euphoria of Zendaya

by EroticWriter1987 on Sep 21, 2020
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

NOTE: All events in this story are fictitious and a work of sexual fantasy. The author of this piece has no relationship, personal or professional, with any of the celebrities mentioned. Fall was nearly here, but I could still feel that California sun beating down as it fell over the horizon. I could feel the sweat beading down my forehead as I approached...

Wife You Up

by MTL17 on Jul 24, 2018
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Bella Thorne, Dove Cameron or any other celebrities. ***** Bella Thorne couldn't stop thinking about Dove Cameron and their flirty tweets with each other. The question was, was Dove serious? Or was it just a big joke to her? God, Bella hated straight girls. Much more accurately she hated straight...

Swordsman's Shorts Ch. 01

by DarkSwordsmanReturns on Jun 9, 2020
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Short, standalone stories of 1,200 words or less. - Since the start of the month, men across Los Angeles had been stumbling upon an explicit, and somewhat illicit, personal ad in various locations throughout the city. Now, with Christmas approaching, it seemed to be everywhere they went; sports venues, nightclub bathrooms and outside frat houses, not to me...

Image Inspiration Chapters

by wicker on Oct 4, 2020

. continueWhat's next? MaryLu Sommers Karen Next image Cartoon and Drawings Thread Finding mom Next Image What's next? MaryLu Sommers Karen Next image Cartoon and Drawings Thread Finding mom Next Image...

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Celebrity Mind Control Stories

by scotlandking1 on Jun 13, 2020
Mind Control

Michael was a normal guy, he worked a 9-5 and was comfortably getting by. One day however he woke up with a strange ability. As the day progressed he realized he could control people's minds for how ever long he wanted. At this point he knew his destiny was no longer to work a 9-5 and be overlooked by everyone. From that day Michael set out to live life as b...

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Bella and Ze's Sexcellent Adventure Ch. 01

by DudeAbides on Apr 10, 2019
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Chapter 1: The Beginning of Times Starring Bella Thorne as... Bella R. Hook Zendaya Coleman as... Zendaya "Ze" Thurman Cast Zazie Beetz as... Young Mel Shailene Woodley as... Young Rachael Taraji P. Henson as... Melinda "Mel" Thurman Charlotte Gainsbourg as... Rachael Hook Anya Taylor Joy as... Missy Hook (née McGuffin) Laura Harrier as... Laura Th...

Celebrities Go Big

by dingsdongs on May 24, 2020

I recently started to experiment with breast expansion morphs and will use this story as a way to share them. I want to post these images together with a few sentences of caption or possibly something that could qualify as a short story. My image editing skills will hopefully improve with time and practice, and I believe that you can already see a difference...

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A warlock in Hollywood

by Pingu on Mar 25, 2019
Mind Control

It was a sunny day in Los Angeles and the Hollywood Boulevard was full of people. Still nobody noticed as suddenly a portal opened at a wall and a young man stepped outside. At least Jim looked young, but actually he had spent the last twenty years researching old arcane legends and especially searching for the great source. Soon he had realized that in ever...

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