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Infinite Scroll

Normality Persona

by [email protected] on Nov 17, 2019
Mind Control

"What of it Nyarlothotep?" Philemon said to the god. "What is it about humans that make thy so aggravated." "They are weak." Nyarlothotep snarled out. "Pitiful creatures, they are useless, imperfect beings. Steal, pillage, burn, destroy. The vermin you call humans have done all this and more. Why had thou created them in th...

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Beauty and The Beast

by TheIrishTux on Sep 14, 2017

*Author's Note: Hello again, readers! This isn't in quite the same style as 'What Happens in Vegas'. It happens to be at least partly based in reality, and is in no small part cathartic for me to write. As always, I love CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and feedback, respond to all emails, and take requests from registered users. This is straight up M/F, largely roman...

Qucikies Vol. 04

by ZTVFemdomtales on Sep 25, 2018

Strange Comforts I was going to die. The walls were closing in. It was getting hard to breath. If the power didn't come back on soon and got this elevator moving again I was going to lose my mind. If I hadn't already. I began to hyperventilate. I continued pacing around the small space. The woman trapped with me let out a frustrated growl. She grabbed me an...

Not Meant

by Tentiom83 on Sep 15, 2017

Really long story. If anyone would like me to continue this I am up for it. ***** Chapter 1 --------- Summer is here and I'm happy it is. On the last day of school I kept myself on edge gritting my teeth for the hour I get to escape school life and live as a hermit in my room playing computer games. Entertainment hit my mind faster than a zipping bullet...


by LukasGrey on Nov 25, 2017

Author's Note: So... fair warning. This is a story with absolutely no explicit sex! Some may ask, why publish a non-erotic story on an erotic story site? It's a fair question. For me, I set out writing this to see if I had it in me to write a story that didn't need sex in order to work. I liked the end effort and considering I have fans on this site that see...