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Jono and I

by bigk1w1 on Sep 16, 2017
Gay Male

I had just arrived at my new college, unfortunately three days after everyone else, having been delayed because of an unexpected family bereavement of an uncle. I reported to the accommodation office and was given directions to the dormitory as well as swipe card for access. I parked my car in the dormitory carpark and made my way to my room with one of my b...

Pilates with Jake

by johna1441 on Jul 6, 2020
Gay Male

My name is Alex. I was 25 and had just recently finished graduate school, broken up with my long term girlfriend, and was taking the summer off before starting a job in the fall. I had plenty of time alone, and I was taking the time to get my life in order and to get into better shape. While I had always been slim, I was running a lot more and getting more t...

Witness for the Prosecution

by sr71plt on Aug 28, 2017
Gay Male

"You first encountered the defendant where, Mr. Philips?" "At my gym. We were members of the same gym." I did not want to be here, in this courtroom. But the DA had intimidated me. He had said that they might delve deeper into why I was in Baltimore—why I had left San Diego. I really didn't want them to do that. I had just fallen into it in San Diego. I di...

Fat Cock Ch. 01

by cummykaze on Aug 30, 2017
Gay Male

It's a hot day – typical summer day for San Francisco... Took the day off – I couldn't stand walking around the city on such weather... So I'm all alone at home, all naked, laying on the sofa in the living and watching some music TV channel. Occasionally, as some of the videos turn hot, I rub my cock slowly enjoying the sensation...I like waiting for it to b...

Tales of a gay witch

by CallMeThr33 on Oct 2, 2020

John Doe is a gay male witch. He's very talented at his craft. But also incredibly horny. He's just come of age where he's free to use his magic as he sees fit and he's ready to use it to finally get some satisfaction. With that being said. How is he going to use his unleashed magical power first.What's next? Revenge On The Bully. Contract with a demon Nigh...

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Naked Boy College

by LKFinStar on Nov 3, 2020

Welcome to Nathan Boyd College! At this esteemed institute of higher learning, we are dedicated to helping our students thrive academically and preparing them to change the world. Now, this college is quite different from many others. As a private institution, we have long been an all-male school, both in our student body and faculty, and continue to be so....

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Mixed Signals

by tom_hardly on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

I met Keith when I moved to LA after college. I was new to the city and wanted to make friends, so I joined Sierra club. That's where I met Keith. He was a couple years older than me and a native to the San Fernando Valley. He had dark hair that hung down in a forelock, glasses and a slim build. He had what I considered a dream job. He was an artist for a co...

The Conference

by Entry_Level on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

I met Joe at the first night of the conference. There was food served in the exhibit hall, and Joe and I shared one of those small tables that is only big enough for two. It was one of those events where servers wander through the crowd with small appetizers. As a result, we didn't have to get up and move around, so we sat chatting for about an hour. After...

Hockey Club

by starova on Aug 30, 2017
Gay Male

I was driving home from the beach one afternoon when the heat of the day started to get uncomfortable and I tried to find a place I could stop and towel all the sticky sand off me. I noticed a sports oval where there were change rooms. There were vehicles parked nearby and I went over to the buildings to find the men's change room. When I entered, there we...

The Morning After

by Orgone5 on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

At seven-fifteen in the morning, an unbidden shaft of sunlight found its way through a gap in the drapes and illuminated Brendan's eyelids, resulting in a groan and a loud expletive including the word "Fuck!" Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Brendan lifted his head from the pillow and gazed around the room The pink wallpaper and rattan furniture looked fam...