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Infinite Scroll

The Apocalypse

by realizingworlds on Jun 17, 2015

Your name is Lexus Halpas and you are one of the last men born from a woman after a strange disease wiped them out. Your father didn't take her death well and he became even more distraught when he learned that you would never know your grandmothers, your aunts, or many of your cousins. As his only child, he's hidden you from most of the world and tried to k...

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Brink of Extinction

by realizingworlds on May 28, 2018

No one ever expects or notices a disater until it is too late to save themselves. This was no exception. The virius had been around for decades, lurking silently until it couldn't be stopped. No one had thought it strange when families simply stopped having female children, thinking they were just more prone to having male successors. No one had even cared,...

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Mpreg Support Group Ch. 02

by viscidcontagion on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

I had been living at The Nest for a week. The move was a smart decision - besides saving my parents money on a dorm room for the summer, I wasn't looking for things to occupy my time and the eye candy wasn't bad either. Because the market wasn't quite there yet for "paternity" clothing, the residents and visitors regularly kept their shirts off at the mansio...

Mine! Ch. 03

by Corjix on Jul 31, 2018
Gay Male

Man, was I hungry. I scarfed down half a dozen eggs, eight pieces of bacon, a stack of pancakes and three cups of coffee. Thing is, I still feel hungry...for something. I keep eyeing the raw steak in the fridge. Tyler says he bought it for me - for my training. But it will have to wait a few more sessions until I am...ready. I've been thinking about my situa...

A Taste of Home Ch. 06

by Danae72 on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Note: Here is the final (and corrected) chapter to Micah and Simon's story. I have to say, I had a lot of difficulty ending this story. I hope you enjoy this chapter and will let me know what you think. For those of you who have read it before, I have added 2 paragraphs at the end, and added to one of Simon's statements a bit before where I've added the para...

Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

by trevorm on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

I see the nice young man standing in the queue at the pharmacy as I carry the box of medical supplies from the store room to my car at the front of the building. He has come to my attention because of the slight altercation he seems to be having with the young lady behind the counter. He has rolled up his sleeve to show her something and she has insisted on...

The Hanky Code Pt. 07

by His_fag_wife on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Again hearing these words that should have repulsed me, in actuality made me proud, I was serving Master as his pig and doing a good job, the mental transformation was moving at pace. Any doubts or thoughts of me being a man and a straightish one at that had evaporated completely. I tried to think of what time it was and realized that it was probably only...

Brown Sugar Injection

by ILuvItBlack on Oct 24, 2018
Gay Male

It had been nearly a week since Henri had told me to take care of Marcus' needs. That had been an intense 4 hours, putting me through some changes that I was still mulling, trying to decide what was best for me. Just after I had my morning coffee, I got a text from Marcus, saying: "Clean that pussy out, I will be coming by in a few hours." I hadn't expecte...

Man's Dream: Taken by Another Man

by PhilNorman on May 15, 2019
Gay Male

...Next I find myself in a room absolutely alone, sitting on the edge of a bed, and as it happens in dreams, the premonition of something inevitable, frightful and insurmountable is already nagging at the back of my mind. The rasping sound of a key in the door startles me, stirs up the sensation of the inner fatalistic alarm even more: into the room comes a...

The Hanky Code Pt. 05: Sub to Gay Pig

by His_fag_wife on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

I then heard the unmistakable snap of latex gloves going onto a hand, then felt Steve's hand moving around my butt, it was slick with some liquid and he pushed between the saddle and my ass trying to touch all of my ass and even tightly around the base of the plug. He was having to force his hand in to lift each cheek momentarily from the saddle to coat them...