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Complete Control

by vicw1392 on Apr 27, 2014

James had read, and seen, porn about men who could change the world, and that's what he'd been doing last night. After a quick, and mostly unsatisfying, wank, he'd fallen asleep wishing that there was more of this type of porn for gay men; where was the fun in reading about unlimited possibilities if all the characters do is make everyone's tits bigger? Then...

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Brink of Extinction

by realizingworlds on May 28, 2018

No one ever expects or notices a disater until it is too late to save themselves. This was no exception. The virius had been around for decades, lurking silently until it couldn't be stopped. No one had thought it strange when families simply stopped having female children, thinking they were just more prone to having male successors. No one had even cared,...

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New Frontier

by NRMathis on Dec 23, 2019
Gay Male

Author's note: I tried my best to be accurate (scientifically, biologically, and otherwise) when writing this story, but there might be some mistakes. +++++ "Hey, Grant!" I hadn't seen him in months, but I would have recognized his face anywhere. It had been a while and he reached out, asking if we could catch up over lunch. He jumped a little like...

The Apocalypse

by realizingworlds on Jun 17, 2015

Your name is Lexus Halpas and you are one of the last men born from a woman after a strange disease wiped them out. Your father didn't take her death well and he became even more distraught when he learned that you would never know your grandmothers, your aunts, or many of your cousins. As his only child, he's hidden you from most of the world and tried to k...

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Xolt 2 Ch. 06

by Pallaton on Aug 31, 2017
Gay Male

* Jing had tears in his eyes and his face was twisted with pain. I brushed his white hair back and pulled his shirt over his extended belly. He was swollen, and it wasn't just because he was pregnant. Something was wrong. "How do you know?" I pulled the ultra-sound machine over and started to prep Jing for the test. Jing struggled with a chuckle, "I jus...

Tom and Luke Get a Family Pt. 03

by WittePiet on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

[Parts 01 and 02 should be read first] Chapter XXIV Arturo's monthly dinner One day a few weeks later, Arturo came into Tom's lab. "Tom," he said, "with regard to next week's dinner, in addition to Alberto, I have invited Giovanni Estravini, the man from the academic office. He has split up with his boyfriend Angelo, who was getting too demanding in terms...

Fixing the straights

by cdbaby on Dec 28, 2016

You wake up and prepare for your day, unaware that this would be the last day you would be considered straight. You shower as you did every morning and felt the water's warm touch as it cascaded over your skin. You could stay here forever if you could. But you need to start your day and the hot water would run out before long. You wash your hair, then the re...

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Mpreg Support Group Ch. 01

by viscidcontagion on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

My name's Jake. When I was 19, I volunteered at a support group over the summer as a way to kill time and get some experience outside of college courses. I had a vague idea of where I wanted to be after college - hospitality, counseling...maybe something healthcare related? My major was still undeclared after my freshman year, so I thought this might help gi...

Owned by a Ghetto Bitch Pt. 09

by FantasizeAndRealize on Aug 28, 2017
Gay Male

Tyrone moved into my apartment the next day. With his move in, drastic changes occurred to my life. These changes turned my financial, social and sexual world upside down. I go to work everyday and pay all of the bills on my apartment. Sholanda spends my paychecks to the last cent. I see all of the new things that she buys Tyrone. I barely have enough money...

Silver Ch. 07

by Pelaam on Sep 25, 2017
Gay Male

Silver 7 Beauty and the Beast The lithe body moved as sleek as a seal through the water, blond hair restrained in a loose plait. Swimming was excellent exercise for an expectant father, ensuring Theophilus kept supple and stretched without overexerting himself. It was not as though he could purposely exhaust himself. An attentive husband kept a close wat...