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The Mandemic

by Musicetta on Dec 9, 2020

The year is 201X. A new pathogen is discovered in the wreckage of a ship buried in the arctic ice. After it infects the entire research team resulting in their quarantine, experiments are performed in a lab deep in the mountains of the United States. The way this pseudo-virus operates is outside the bounds of anything this world has ever seen before. Instead...

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Guy Fun

by KingAngle666 on Jan 28, 2019

It was a Saturday in the early part of December and the eight soon-to-be-players were stuck at school, of course not by choice, but because detention always claimed its victims. Mr. Brown, one of the school's science teachers, led the group of seniors to the Study Hall, a windowless room where the were to serve their time like inmates. What none of them knew...

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by UnrulyDogboy on Sep 8, 2020

HELLO READER. I am no longer maintaining this story on this site. This story was taken from a free WIP game that I am developing. The features in that game no longer fit easily into the CHYOA format. To be clear, CHYOA is awesome, I just don't have the drive to maintain two versions of the game. You can play the game online at

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It Does a Body Good

by TitusMoorhead on Oct 12, 2020
Gay Male

Eric tossed and turned, unable to stop thinking about his last call of the night. He'd seen a lot of weird things in his time as an EMT, but something about the naked, burly man passed out on the sidewalk had pushed the encounter to the top of the list. A tenant in one of the squat apartment buildings lining the street had called it in, saying they saw the h...

The Hunger

by whoablabla on Dec 23, 2019

You are Nick Philmore. At 23, you have had a tough life for someone your age. Raised in the foster care system, you moved from town to town and family to family your whole childhood, finally finding a permanent home with an older widow named Margaret in a suburb of Boston. Although you had planned to go to college when you graduated high school, Margaret fel...

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Fixing the straights

by cdbaby on Dec 28, 2016

You wake up and prepare for your day, unaware that this would be the last day you would be considered straight. You shower as you did every morning and felt the water's warm touch as it cascaded over your skin. You could stay here forever if you could. But you need to start your day and the hot water would run out before long. You wash your hair, then the re...

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The Tailor

by TitusMoorhead on Sep 28, 2020
Gay Male

Despite his impressive body, the fit young man still looked awkward as he stood in his boxer briefs in front of the mirrors that reflected him from all sides. Will didn't mind the view of his chiseled frame, especially the way the light grey fabric of his underwear accentuated his tight bottom and thick bulge, but he wasn't used to being prodded at while so...

The Secret to Perfect Abs

by GGandG on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Arthur was working out in the local YMCA gym. He had been lifting weights for months but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't build any real muscle. He had developed some nice little abs and some nice little delts and a nice little core and some nice little biceps. When he complained to his friends they couldn't understand it, he looked in shape to them....

College Guy's Wishes for Genie Ch. 02

by popup1313 on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

Dale awoke in his bed thinking at first of the large project for school that he needed to get done before his fall break ended. He rolled over and looked at his alarm clock and saw that it was 5:30 in the afternoon. He suddenly remembered what happened the night before and shot upright in his bed. He had completely forgot about the genie, the wishes and the...

Of Tongues and Muscles

by orochtong on Aug 18, 2017
Gay Male

Push out. Relax. Tighten. Relax. Derek was working out, lifting weights, making his muscles even tighter and sexier. He was lying down on the bench, lifting weights, listening to workout music. He put the bar down and sat up, wiping away his sweat. Suddenly, a hand clamped down on his mouth, preventing him from yelling out. Derek's assailant beat his abdomen...