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by on Feb 27, 2020

*10 days later* Dr. John Redmond took his place in front of the awaiting crowd. Sorting his papers, he gazed into the audience of cameras and microphones, the media ready to catch his every word and move. Never before had he been requested to do this. "Good afternoon, I am Dr. Johnathan Redmond of St. Rita's Medical Centre. I will be speaking to you tod...

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All Creatures Ch. 06

by BlueOleander on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

I hope you enjoy the conclusion to All Creatures. It was a lot of fun to work on and I never would have had the courage to put it out there without the support and help of my editor, Bert_Fegg. B, you are awesome, and you cannot possibly know how much you helped me! Also a big thank you to all y'all who took the time to read, comment, favorite, and/or rate...


by Pan2 on Apr 21, 2020
Gay Male

Quarantine by Pan 1: "What do you mean, a virus? That doesn't make any sense." "I'm sorry ma'am, but that's what the reports are saying. We have some of our best scientists out there, and the results are conclusive - it's a virus." "So let me get this straight," the commissioner said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "You're telling me that the colony h...

Quarantine: Day 1

by Gingermedic on Mar 30, 2020
Gay Male

This is my first time writing a story. please let me know what you think! This was not how I expected to spend spring break, locked in my apartment with my roommate for 14 days. We were told we can't leave until the incubation period for this virus was over. I need to think positive to get through this, at least I have my roommate David. A little bit about...

More Contact than Tracing

by KeithD on Jun 1, 2020
Gay Male

I hadn't been bumped out of a job because of the arrival of the corona virus in Florida in March—well, first noticed and acknowledged in March—but I suppose it would have happened anyway. I had been a masseur—and more—at Andy's Fit Gym on New Haven in Melbourne, with no problem in finding clientele, when the police shut us down right at the beginning of Marc...

Anthro Mutant Slutty Heroes

by fanfic53X on Nov 18, 2017

Choose one of the many from our four slutty animal heroes Brad, a brown bear and the brains of the four brothers with the power to control thunder. He always build some stuff that take sex to a new level like a group of machines called the RoBeasts, a group of robotic heroes that was meant to help the team, but his 1st prototype, UlTopi, a robotic topi that...

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The Mandemic

by Musicetta on Dec 9, 2020

The year is 201X. A new pathogen is discovered in the wreckage of a ship buried in the arctic ice. After it infects the entire research team resulting in their quarantine, experiments are performed in a lab deep in the mountains of the United States. The way this pseudo-virus operates is outside the bounds of anything this world has ever seen before. Instead...

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Road Trip

by netsfan_44 on Sep 1, 2017
Gay Male

Ken was on the road again, 3rd trip this month. Another sales call, another 2 day stay in a city. Get back to the hotel, have a quiet drink, grab a bit to eat and then the usual back to the room to do some email and surf the web. After 20 years of being in sales, 47 year old Ken and been there and done it. He was looking forward to a quiet drink and then sup...


by Psicko on Sep 14, 2017
Gay Male

The most terrible, apocalyptic changes are easy to deny when they happen slowly, gradually. Then, after generations have passed, the problem is suddenly big enough to notice and almost too big to solve. So was the case with the strange YCB Virus. The Y-Chromosome Bias Virus was first discovered by in the late 20th century but had probably first appeared lon...

Plague Triggers Love

by apollo12 on Aug 17, 2017
Gay Male

Intro As if life wasn't hard enough being gay in a world where the majority will use anything to push you down and get ahead, it only got harder after September 12, 2012. My life before that day may have seemed like a perfectly normal life to people who didn't know me and didn't understand what I was going through. But they had no idea. I was doomed the day...