1950 Stories

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A Futa in Time

by Sex-Shooter on Nov 1, 2019
Science Fiction

In a large blue, white, and gold room, you stood at the center of a large ring surrounded by five figures in robes of red, their faces hidden by their veils. You were naked, your body exposed, nipples hard, and cock fully erect but payed it no mind. People had long evolved past the need of clothing. For eons, humanity had evolved and became more apex as the...

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Ms. Dollie's Random Stories Ch. 04

by LIVINRFANTASIES on Sep 15, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

THE BIKER PARTY On my way home from work, I stopped at the local Burger Barn and picked up a bag of sandwiches for supper. I'd owned my old 1950 Harley Hydra Glide a couple of years by then. Bought it and a nearly new black Mustang fastback in 1965. So I'm guessing this was 1967, making me 28. 1949 or 1950 was the first year for hydraulic forks and 1950...

Emily's Photoshoot

by Emilyplaying on Oct 26, 2020
Group Sex

My husband had been dropping hints for several months that he'd like a set of professionally taken boudoir photographs of me for his 40th birthday this summer. He'd show me websites of photographers in the area and offer to pay. Most just seemed sleazy. I wasn't against the idea per se, we've fooled around plenty in the bedroom (and outdoors too) with a dig...

Lucy & The City of Sin

by bob_martin4125 on Sep 1, 2017
Group Sex

We met on the Bulletin Boards. I sent Lucy a 'Private Message' and she replied. She was very careful in her responses and gave very little away. She was amusing straight away with subtle one liners which I enjoyed. She wouldn't give away any specifics about where she lived or what she did and it took time to get to know that she travelled around Europe quite...

A Special Treat...

by Tara_Neale on Sep 16, 2017
How To

When I first came to BDSM, I was surprised to discover that the 1950's lifestyle was a fetish within it. For the little girl that was raised on the cusp of time and learned to make jam, sew and crochet before she could read, it seemed strangely comforting to combine my expertise as a homemaker with my kink. But as much as my masochist loves her pain, my subm...

Bettie Page, Pin-Up Queen

by DeniseNoe on Sep 16, 2017
Reviews & Essays

Mention Bettie (sometimes spelled Betty) Page and the image that springs to mind is of a pretty, smiling young woman with black hair, trademark short bangs across her forehead, posed provocatively. Bettie Page was a prominent pin-up of the 1950s who won a cult following through pictures both classically sensual and distinctly kinky. The woman who would beco...

Homemaker and Proud

by Tara_Neale on Sep 16, 2017
Reviews & Essays

When I started to explore BDSM almost two years ago, I never expected the 1950's household to be a fetish within that community. Yet as I have discovered it makes perfect sense. This is merely the public vanilla expression of my submission. And just as its sexual manifestations are built upon respect, trust and love so too is this side of me. I do not do it...

Training Train

by Anaribrady on Sep 16, 2017

He is quite wealthy, but that is not why I love my husband. He is elegant, but that is not it either. He is beautiful, but that does not matter. What matters? His love and care for me. His interest in every detail of my life. His intelligence. His firmness. His kindness. His arrogance. His control. He is the owner and CEO of a private rail car company, cate...

Futa: The Emergence

by Smithjohnsonian on Dec 13, 2018

Earth witnessed a massive meteor shower in 1950 which brought along with it extraterrestrial life, albeit as unicellular organisms, several of which crashed as meteorites in Central Asian, East Asian and South Asian countries with a few of them landing in the North and the South Americas. These single-celled organisms had a lot of similarities with viruses o...

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Being a Wife to My Wife

by TammyPanty on Mar 19, 2018
Transsexuals & Crossdressers

My wife and I have been married for over seventeen years. The circumstances under which we live evolved over the first six years of our marriage to a point that makes me so comfortable in my role as the feminine half of our relationship I will forever be grateful I found the woman I did who allows me to fulfill myself as the pretty girl I am. Growing up as...