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A Breastfeeding Mother

by HeyAll on Jun 1, 2020

Mom's Perspective: The Experiment Everything was going according to plan until the State went into lockdown. The laboratory had to be temporarily closed and the research team was ordered to work from home. The experimental drug made Elizabeth's breasts swollen and filled with milk, since they were now deprived of the industrial strength pumps in the labora...

Feeding on Mom's Breast Milk

by HeyAll on Aug 7, 2019

Andrea searched through the crowd of the fancy event, looking for her son. It was an Art Gala for high society, where everyone wore their best suits, dresses, and gowns. Now, more than ever, she was thankful she had dragged her son to this sort of event. She finally spotted him standing in front of a large sculpture, which would soon be auctioned off for c...

A Teacher's Way Out of a Dilemma Ch. 12

by SubBabs on Sep 12, 2017

Last of Chapter 11 I walked into the house to find John sitting on the sofa waiting for me. He looked closely at my scanty, disheveled bra and panties. He said, "I hope you had a good time." I smiled and said, "I had a wonderful time." Sitting next to my husband I told him everything that happened, including the fact that I had a wonderful orgasm several ti...

Milk in the Times of Drought Ch. 01

by GusBus77 on Sep 14, 2017

*** Disclaimer: The events and characters depicted in this story are purely fiction and all fantasy. All character are of age and are involved in consensual sex. They may, however, be inspired by true experiences in the author's life. Enjoy! *** Robert Delaney was a man on the younger side with black hair and sun-kissed skin. He was of American-Italian de...

Lactation Is Sexy As Hell

by patientlee on Sep 15, 2017
How To

Making the fantasy sound real. Author's Note: I'm not a nurse or a lactation consultant. None of what I say should be construed as medical advice. The purpose of this essay is to use my breastfeeding experience to assist lactation fetish authors in discussing the sexy reality of the fetish. I've nursed three babies. I know what I'm talking about. It's im...

Noble's Court 2.0

by entropy50607 on Aug 27, 2016

VERY IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: Please click "Start game" on the right side of the web page under the tab "Score" to fully experience the story. As, my story makes use of conditional statements and conditional chapters in its tracking of variables. For example, if your character arrives late to a particular event, specific characters may res...

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Mommy's Milk Pt. 01

by LittleKay on Dec 10, 2018

Short, simple, and to the point mini story about a mom helping her still breastfeeding adult son explore his sexuality. Despite his (not moms opinion, though she agrees) good looks and great personality, no girl has been as great in his eyes as his mom, or her sweet milk. I'm not a son, nor a mom. Just a story that popped into my head of pure fantasy. Lea...

Twin Nieces

by Tarbut on Sep 15, 2017

Incest in our family begun when I and my daughter Rina started an Adult Breastfeeding Relationship, and merged it with the one that was already going on between me and my late husband Abe. You know that after his death our son Joe was included, but before Abe's death, I had another ABR with other family members – my nieces Rachel and Leah, the twin daughter...

Annie & June

by writerotica on Sep 26, 2017

PREFACE What follows is a "true story of my imagination" and inspired by my Wife, my friend and their beautiful tits. When my friend, who I originally met through work, gave birth to her second child, she sought my wife's help and expertise with breastfeeding. My wife is a breastfeeding advocate and leader of the local breastfeeding support group. Since the...


by klrxo on Sep 15, 2017

It was the first week of summer and I was already bored out of my mind. We lived in a relatively small town in Maine with little to do and few girls to gawk at. Dad was a lawyer with an office in town and mom was a housewife, and my 2 month old sister seemed to keep her occupied most of the time. Having few girls around and a mother as beautiful as mine I n...