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Jean - The Birth of Venus Ch. 14

by loerics on Oct 7, 2019

Post 13: A Gala to Celebrate a Successful Exhibition This story took place in 1976. ***** Chapter 30 My last three weeks of the Art Exhibition went by in a fog of public orgasms. Each day blended into the next. The only change had been to the controller for my dildo. I had managed to convince Maggie and The Electrician to increase the stimulation as wel...

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Jean - The Birth of Venus Ch. 07

by loerics on May 6, 2019

Part 7: Groomed This story takes place in 1976 before there were cell phones and personal computers. # Chapter 12 I had barely gotten back to sleep after the last time Ellen had rattled our cages as part of her 'suicide watch' when she shook me awake from a terrifying dream. In the nightmare, I was tied to a raised alter surrounded by a hoard of screamin...

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Jean - The Birth of Venus Ch. 11

by loerics on Jul 31, 2019

Part 11: The Electrified Gold Clit Band This story takes place in 1976 before there were cell phones and personal computers. Chapter 20 Ellen, the guard from hell, was on duty that night. She was forced to wait a couple of hours in the Exhibition Hall while the small crew fitted all the women actors with stimulators, but the normally angry guard didn't...

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Living Sculpture

by Araw on Sep 16, 2017

WARNING: Don't try this at home. Prolonged immobilization can lead to all sorts of nasty health problems, including deep vein thrombosis ("economy class syndrome") which often causes permanent injury or even death. ------- I am a "famous" artist. Not Hollywood-level famous, but famous by my own standards: I am occasionally recognized on the street. My s...

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Jean - The Birth of Venus Ch. 12

by loerics on Aug 26, 2019

Part 12: Nymphomaniacs Are Made Not Born This story took place in 1976 # Chapter 23 It was the end of my first day back at the Art Exhibition. I was still recovering from Ellen's vicious attack with the electric cattle prod, but what had completely drained me was the new monstrous black dildo that had thrust vigorously into my vagina and anus all day. I...

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On The Rocks

by Storm62 on Sep 16, 2017

Something a little different. A few real events intertwined to make up the fictional romance. --------------- I don't know how it was me who was selected to be the fourth member of the office staff who was to go to the exhibition. All I do know was that with the management going to deal with the joint unveiling of the new concept vehicle they needed someon...

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The Literotica Olympics Day 14

by Rumple Foreskin on Sep 12, 2017
Chain Stories

EXHIBITION CONTEST: USA-STYLE FOOTBALL note: Since the inception of the modern Olympics, a number of new sports have been added such as Judo, Baseball, and something called Rhythmic Dancing. However, many others, including American-style Football and the grand old Scottish sport of Caber Tossing are still excluded. During the Olympics some of these sports...

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The Art Exhibition

by mforj on Aug 30, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

I shared my idea with Julia and gave her the project. She put my thoughts and her feelings into words and I edited them. They are here for your pleasure. ***** The local art world was buzzing. The latest exhibition was to be something they'd never seen before. New and unusual artistes had been commissioned to provide something "a little different"; human...

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The Mystery of Eden Homeworld

by Erinaceous on Mar 26, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Thanks for your votes and comments. This is a non-erotic science-fiction story, the latest in the series of stand-alone short stories featuring Hana Jeffries. It's the story I promised at the end of Every Man's Fantasy, chapter 27. There are some tie-ins to the Every Man's Fantasy series, where the story fits in between chapters 27 and 28. I hope you enjo...

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The Prisoner Exhibition Model 03

by MelanieK on Sep 25, 2017

For months Melissa worked really hard on her paintings for the exhibition. Sometimes she seemed to live in a world of her own and Sabine started to feel neglected. Occasionally, when she was feeling very tired and needed to go to bed she left Melissa still working at her easel. "I won't be long," she'd say. "I just want another hour on this one." The hour o...

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