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Infinite Scroll

The Captive Prince

by PrinceCai on Apr 3, 2020

Marcus was reading in bed when his kingdom fell. It was over an hour past his bedtime, but the young prince wanted to stay up and finish his book by candelight. It was way too exciting a story to put down, all about a brave and noble lady knight who saved a peasant boy from the clutches of an evil sorceress. He had his heart in his mouth at the thrilling act...

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generic body control story

by Gambio on Nov 10, 2020
Mind Control

"arj ortvaavat pbasvezrq" „This is so dumb!“ I absentmindedly clicked on the app with the outrageously stupid name „Appbedience“ The background was your run of the mill hypnosis spiral accompanied with the equally bold and bright letters: „Control everyone!“ This App was either a scam or a very poor cashgrab. The price, 69 cents, seems to suggest t...

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Naked in a Video Game

by Username000 on Mar 29, 2020
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Wake up. Eat breakfast. Work. Lunch. Work. Come home. Play video games all evening. Sleep. A pretty average day for a gamer like yourself but it took a grueling duration of waiting in order to finally reach the evening! Now that you're home after a long day of work, you can't help but plop down onto your couch with a relaxed sigh. The multiple gaming systems...

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Losing Everything

by ScottyBoi3 on Jul 11, 2020
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Hello, everybody! This is a little side project I thought I'd try out to flex my creative muscle. I've always been somewhat fascinated with ENF and ENM stories, but I've never written any of my own! That's going to change, through. The concept is simple. You create a character that finds themself in a situation where all of their worldly possessions are lost...

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Monstergirl dimension

by AnonYmouS564 on Feb 14, 2021

I went to bed after a long day of nothing but headaches. At least i can come home to... The fridge is empty, i should have bought some ingredients yesterday, but i returned home at 9pm. I look at the clock, it shows 9:30pm. Yeah, ill just order in. I made a decent living but i wish i had more than just... An empty house. Its just a dry period, i thought. But...

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by FlatCap90210 on May 20, 2019
Science Fiction

James felt as if he was going insane. It was summer, the sun was shining and he was at the beach ogling girls. Tits of all shapes and sizes surrounded him, wrapped in bikini tops, one pieces and other pieces of fabric of varying coverage. James' heartbeat pounded in his ears and throbbed in his crotch, digging a furrow in the sand beneath him. He was lying o...

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New Government Male Laws Ch. 02

by storydreamer on Sep 12, 2017

Friday evening Alicia Savo entered the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel and proceeded to the large meeting room. It was 7:30pm and the hall was packed with women. It was a victory party of sorts for the women of Femdom Now. Handing her coat to check girl, she entered and made her way to the speaker's area and hugged and kissed several of the ladies who welcomed h...

Girlfriend Trouble

by lovelymess212 on May 29, 2019

You've been dating Sam for a long time, even thinking of popping the question sometime soon. She's perfect in every way, and its near your second anniversary. You have your own apartment together, living with each other to count on. Maybe life is far from perfect, but you have each other. Of course, sometimes life throws you a curve ball. You wake up one mor...

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Jackie of All Trades

by HarmonyMotion on Mar 23, 2019

"If only you spent as much time taking care of yourself as you did studying! Then, you might even have a date for prom...," Marie trailed off as she looked at her own test score. "Haha, you're just upset that she didn't get a D- like you did! Besides, not everyone's daddy buys their daughters luxury shampoo," Lisa came to Jackie's defense...

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Slave Tail

by Cyberweasel89 on Jul 11, 2020

In the kingdom of Pendragon, slavery is a burgeoning industry. Anyone can end up as one if they aren't strong or lucky enough. Slaves can be purchased, sold, and traded legally by anyone with the right business sense and magic. Slaves cannot be freed and are at the mercy of their current owner. Often kept naked to denote their sub-human status, some are cher...

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