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Cuckold & Netorare Shorts

by grimbous on May 17, 2019
Cheating Spouses

Hello Readers, What follows will be random Cuckold related short stories, set ups, or scenes. I get a lot of cuck related story ideas that I need an outlet for. This is simply a place for me to collect some of the ideas I get from time to time to see how they go over and gauge what is popular and what isn't. Don't expect lengthy or overly involved tales. Do...

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Stag Cuckold's Adventure

by Peanisbound on Nov 19, 2020

You are Robin Wren, a great looking college sophomore, and you are once again stroking your large cock to cuckold porn; currently and seemingly perpetually girlfriend lacking. That isn't completely true, you aren't perpetually lacking a girlfriend. Yesterday, you had a girlfriend, Penny. She wasn't even your first girlfriend this semester. There was also Nan...

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Watching Girls You Know Get Fucked

by sickboy42000 on May 17, 2020

Your eyes open. A blindfold's been taken off your head and you find yourself in a room. In front of you is an empty space with a soft carpeted floor. You're tied to a chair in some elaborate knots and can't move anything except your hand which is now wrapped around your cock. "Where the fuck am I?" your voices quietly echoes. "The Headquarters...

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A College Cuckold & His GF Pt. 01

by youngasiancuck on Sep 19, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

This is the story of how my first girlfriend and I ended up in a long-distance relationship and what we ended up doing to make it all work. I've changed the names but everything else remains the same. *************** My name is Jason and I am a cuckold to my girlfriend, Stella. She and I have been dating since we first met back in high school and at this...

My Wife Passed Away Ch. 02

by CuckoldGuy on Jan 1, 2019

About six months after my wife passed away I began seeing a widow. We dated and it soon turned into an intimate relationship. I discovered that I had erectile dysfunction and the little blue pill doesn't work for me. I get a semi hard erection but not hard enough for penetration so I would sexually gratify her with my mouth or fingers and she in turn would g...

How many of your friends do you think would fuck me?

by Veig77 on Oct 1, 2017
Cheating Spouses

We were laying in bed together after a long day and Jane suddenly asks me, "How many of your friends do you think would fuck me?" I just laid there stunned for a second thinking I must have misheard her. I manage to stutter out "What?" She casually replies back "I was just wondering if I decided to start cheating on you, how many of...

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Slut Wife - Cuckold Initiation

by policywank on Sep 19, 2017
Loving Wives

"Oh honey, a courier package came for you this morning." "Perfect" said Roxanne "I love it when a plan comes together smoothly." "What do you mean?" "I will tell you a little later darling. Right now I am on my way to get a bikini wax. Please be here when I get back. I have something exciting to tell you." Then Roxanne grabbed the small courier package a...

Cuckold Fantasies

by LogNTR on May 29, 2020
Cheating Spouses

Hello Readers, Just wanted to say that this 'introduction' chapter will be used as a guideline for random cuckold stories. You, as the reader, can always give me suggestions for ideas, new paths, and I'll try to implement them. My wild hotwife: Claire catches John masturbating cuckold porn, what happens next remains to be seen, or rather, to be read. Short s...

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Make Your Wife Cuckold You

by BJayCool on Sep 19, 2017
How To

I have seen certain articles advising women on how to turn your husband into a willing cuckold but not found a decent one which could guide husbands on how to get their wives to cuckold them. The strange part is it's always the men who initiate or want cuckolding and usually not the women, the women may cheat but they don't harbour the fantasy of cuckolding...

Mr. Big Dick

by iceman888 on Jul 14, 2020

My kink revolves around a particular incident/fantasy that happened while in college, partially based on fact mixed with some fiction. I have been hooked ever since. Here is how it all started. My cuckold obsession started with a real life event, when I was in college and dating my first long term girlfriend. One evening after sex, the conversation steered...