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Infinite Scroll

New-U: Celebrity Futas

by silent soul ken on Aug 22, 2018

Director Elizabeth Malrow looked at the screen. "So it seems we're missing volunteer's for the Futa Body Models." She said to her chief of staff. Melissa Brun, her chief of staff, nodded "We could go the same route we went for the Male and Female models use celebrities." She said. Elizabeth nodded, "Put out the e-mails, remember we n...

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The Biggest

by DontMindMePls on Jul 27, 2020
Transgender & Crossdressers

This is a little one off that I thought would be fun. Hope you guys enjoy it! Tags: Futa, Hyper Boobs, Hyper Cock, Hyper Balls, Multi-Cock, Multi-Ball, Excessive Cum, Cum Flood ~ "Hello, are you Angelica? The sex therapist?" Angelica was met with a very frazzled looking receptionist as she walked into the building's lobby. As she looked around the ind...

Custom futanari

by MAXENCE12345 on Mar 21, 2021

It was a rainy day, nothing like a storm but a light drizzle. You decided to stay inside to watch some videos, at some point you got bored and opened your browser for some futanari porn. Once the research done you see that you visited all the websites showed on the page except for one new called Custom futanari. After the new page opens you see questions abo...

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The Chosen One

by Zaulek on Jan 13, 2019

[Author's note: if you ever come up with a story or branch, you can add it. Because it's an option that wasn't quite popular, I decided to make the story public. No revisisons from me, everything can be added, as longs as it doesn't break the site's ToS] A person wakes up from sleep to the sight of a room, different than the one they began their night in. A...

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The Lonely God.

by joshman110 on Aug 30, 2017

So guess what? You're a god. I know, right? It's pretty cool. Infinite power has a lot of perks. You can be whatever gender or species that you desire. You can go to any universe and do whatever the fuck you want. For example, you could go to world where high fantasy is the name of the game. You could be a brave dragon-slaying knight or a buxom princess with...

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by sexgundam666 on Mar 7, 2018
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Author's Note: Story requested by KC55. *** "Sera, wake your freak ass up! It's time for milking!" The obnoxious voice of her second cousin bled through Sera's door, biting into her ears like a venomous snake. She sat up and looked around groggily, ignoring the incredible weight of her chest until her 'nipples' brushed against her legs. A sigh of dismay br...

Growing and Shrinking Thoughts

by silent soul ken on Oct 16, 2018

As stated earlier the MC is either a guy, a girl or a futa. Futa's can be born futa or have operations to turn futa but said operations are extremely expensive. The MC can have one exceptional talent be it something like athleticism, creative talent, or something similar. Otherwise they are an average person who happened to survive a freak accident which giv...

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Femboy Autocracy

by Azaylia on Mar 1, 2021
Science Fiction

In 2027, a mad horny scientist unleashed her diabolical weapons in an attempt to turn the world into her sexual paradise. She released two custom-made viruses. one that would affect men, and one women. They rapidly spread to the entire population, brining their effects with them to all but 0.00001% of the population. For women, the effects caused futaficatio...

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Samus and the Reality Altering Upgrades

by welldressedcrab on Nov 14, 2020
Science Fiction

Samus brought her ship into dock with the station, the docking bay walls closing behind her. In her adventures through the galaxy she had received a signal from a remote research station. The signal informed her that the station was inhabited by a scientist AI which was programmed to keep inventing and researching for eternity. If she came to investigate, sh...

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Futa Fantasy

by FirePorn on Sep 9, 2018

Humming, you close the door to your cabin behind you and sigh. "Finally home", you say and move from the door. You moved into your cabin in the woods three months ago amd finally everything is set up as you want it to be. It's a two story cabin with a balcony giving good view over the big lake your home is sitting next to. The water is cristal clea...

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