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Infinite Scroll

New-U: Celebrity Futas

by silent soul ken on Aug 22, 2018

Director Elizabeth Malrow looked at the screen. "So it seems we're missing volunteer's for the Futa Body Models." She said to her chief of staff. Melissa Brun, her chief of staff, nodded "We could go the same route we went for the Male and Female models use celebrities." She said. Elizabeth nodded, "Put out the e-mails, remember we n...

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The Chosen One

by Zaulek on Jan 13, 2019

[Author's note: if you ever come up with a story or branch, you can add it. Because it's an option that wasn't quite popular, I decided to make the story public. No revisisons from me, everything can be added, as longs as it doesn't break the site's ToS] A person wakes up from sleep to the sight of a room, different than the one they began their night in. A...

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by sexgundam666 on Mar 7, 2018
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Author's Note: Story requested by KC55. *** "Sera, wake your freak ass up! It's time for milking!" The obnoxious voice of her second cousin bled through Sera's door, biting into her ears like a venomous snake. She sat up and looked around groggily, ignoring the incredible weight of her chest until her 'nipples' brushed against her legs. A sigh of dismay br...

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Futa Fantasy

by FirePorn on Sep 9, 2018

Humming, you close the door to your cabin behind you and sigh. "Finally home", you say and move from the door. You moved into your cabin in the woods three months ago amd finally everything is set up as you want it to be. It's a two story cabin with a balcony giving good view over the big lake your home is sitting next to. The water is cristal clea...

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A Demonstration

by sexgundam666 on Mar 28, 2018

Author's Note: story requested by Blader17. *** "You're serious?" Monica stared blankly at the woman across from her. "It's just... too intimidating," the woman, Janelle, lowered her gaze to the table between them. She was Monica's fifth attempt at a girlfriend in as many weeks, and she came to the same conclusion as they all did; Monica was simply too bi...

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Mo' and Mo' Mimi

by dongstar on Jan 15, 2019
Transgender & Crossdressers

"Oh no! Please don't let me miss this train!" Mimi prayed as she sprinted the last few yards toward the special traincar reserved for students of Hyper Academy. Her monstrously oversized cock bobbed comically back and forth, slapping her across the face with each step. The colossal member protruded a full eighteen inches from Mimi's cleavage and was nearly a...

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Resident Futa

by Grobnar on Aug 2, 2019
Fan Fiction

Sheva’s gun went click at the worst possible time. Of all the blasted! Why now?! Something big with a large number of appendages was bearing down on her. One of the bioweapons many arms reached out to grab her. Skillfully, she rolled to the side, narrowly escaping its grasp. She came up from her roll hitting the eject button on her gun; the empty magazine ca...

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Danielle Ch. 08

by sexgundam666 on Jul 16, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

"Dannielle! Come down for dinner!" Hanna's voice again. Nice of her to think that nothing had really changed, that she could stand the sight of her. Lucas wasn't so congenial. Every moment spent in his eye was rigid with disdain. Not that she blamed him. For a man who dreamed of raising a respectable daughter, someone who wouldn't conform to society's sexua...

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Danielle Ch. 09

by sexgundam666 on Aug 21, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Pleasure wreathed her cock. Velvet walls undulated against the shaft, while the cervix and womb suckled the head as it slid back, then buckled on the return thrust. The room reeked of sex, a heady mixture of sweat, pussy and dick. Tendrils hooked into her sinuses, compelling her to create more. Moisture spattered her thighs and drooled from her cock when it...

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Over-Endowed Ch. 02

by sexgundam666 on Jan 22, 2019
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Sera stood in Yoko Toriyama's office. Like before, the room was immaculate, designed after the futa who sat across the desk from her. Hair coerced into a full, but strict bun that let a few locks loose to frame her cheeks and lips. Dark eyes studied her behind thick lashes. Yoko had her hands folded, crushed under her bosom as she leaned toward the Latina, e...

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