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Welcome to pleasure Island

by talesofswamppoint on Sep 26, 2017

The cruise ship was steadily making its way toward a far-off island in the Caribbean. The people on the ship were anxious to arrive at the place called Pleasure Island. This all included resort was supposed to be the best place on earth to spend some vacation. It was open for single and young couple only. The resort was offering a unique experience to their...

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Impregnation hotel and resort

by kire5613 on Aug 15, 2013

In the pacific ocean was an island. A island known now as "Life-maker Island". It was bought by a wealth family when it was discovered originally to be a private home. The family was perverted and used it to have free outdoor sex. Years later, the island was inherited by a female family members who had a impregnation fetish. She just loved the feel...

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Paradise Island

by airwreck on Sep 2, 2008

It has been almost four years ago you made your massive fortunes when you sold your technology company to Google. At the time you were married to your college sweetheart but she decided that she no longer needed to love you if she could get half of your billions after the sale of the company. When you had gotten married you never had thought of the need for...

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Fantasy Island

by Grimm05 on Aug 1, 2018
Fan Fiction

You are about to embark on an adventure to fulfill your wildest fantasies on Fantasy Island however there are rules that must be followed of course. The first being there are five levels to each guest starting from the lowest where all of your fantasies must be approved by the other. Failure to follow such rules and attempting to force yourself upon another...

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TG Island

by NTemz730 on Jun 4, 2019

You blink slowly as your vision comes back to you. Slowly you get up and look around. A few minutes ago you were having the time of your life on a world class cruise, fucking every beautiful woman you came across on the cruise. However a terrible storm had caused the ship to capsize and you found yourself laying on a beautiful beach of some kind. Other than...

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Fretton Island

by MartinBlake on Jul 9, 2015

You butter your toast as the mail comes. The noise shocks you in your sleep-deprived state, and you drop the knife with a clang. Cursing, you bend down to pick it up. You place it on the side before heading to your front door. Three letters. One from the landlord, most likely an eviction notice, one from the gas company, another overdue payment, but the last...

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Super Mario: Mushroom Kingdom

by FallenSaint on Sep 26, 2017
Fan Fiction

Normally it wasn't this difficult for Mario to win, but Bowser was pulling out all the stops today. Mario jumped away from Bowser in time to dodge the Koopa King's fiery breath. Mario Landed on a moving platform and ducked as Bowser tossed the discarded shells of one of his beaten minions Mario's way. But Bowser wasn't aiming at Mario. The mechanism that wor...

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Island Hiking Adventure

by FeatherFur on Aug 1, 2015

You arrive at port at around 10:30 am, all the shops in the small town are open and the firsts of the hundreds of tourists that flood the area yearly are rolling in. There are two islands to hike. The north is the larger of the two so you could easily be on your own, its more "natural" with only a few buildings, mostly at the dock but there are a...

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A Reluctant Island Vacation

by theia on Apr 19, 2014
Science Fiction

The hot Pacific sun beats down on your trim, tan body as you lie in a bikini on the beach. Next to you, Christina takes a sip from a cocktail and turns the page of the book she's reading. "It could be worse, Ally. Your father could have dragged you off somewhere truly awful, like Alaska. Or New Jersey." You don't give in to Christina's good humour....

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The Island Resort of Paris

by DragonStar1 on Sep 12, 2005
Fan Fiction

The pop star Britney Spears had been wishing for a vacation. When someone liked her needed to get away, there was one person whom to get a hold off: billionare heiress Paris Hilton. Sure enough, Paris suggested a getaway on a private, remote resort on a small South Pacific island with a few friends of Paris' choosing. Britney quickly agreed to that plan, fee...

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