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Infinite Scroll


by Cross C on Sep 26, 2017

Stories involving netorare across the multi-verse.What's next? The Cucu ring The Djinn of Netorare Sword Art Online harry potter naruto world Mary Jane Watson-Parker Wedding NTR ring Kim Possible's NTR Ring Katara's Ring of Netorare What's next? The Cucu ring The Djinn of Netorare Sword Art Online harry potter naruto world Mary Jane Watson-Park...

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by Emptyplanet on Aug 12, 2018

Introduction / Guidelines This story contains some explicit scenes that all might not find tasteful to their pallet, the story can contain various characters existing on the same or alternative timelines to the main story, it is completely up to participating authors whether or not they tie in the events to the cannon storyline, what aspects they add, change...

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Girlfriends Fantasy

by Sfmm22 on Mar 6, 2018

You had made a promise to your girlfriend Doe that you would fulfill her deepest darkest fantasy that she has had for the longest time, that until you she never felt she could experience. Well now the time time had come for her to collect and for you make good on your word. A little about Doe she was everything you had ever wanted in a woman and you knew tha...

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Morally Bankrupt

by CJD619 on Jan 7, 2019
Cheating Spouses

"Your past will always dictate your future." Turning back and forth, Kaitlyn jolted out of her sleep. Adjusting her vision and rubbing her eyes, she glanced beside her and saw her husband Thomas laying beside her. A reminder of what happened over the last couple of weeks; Kaitlyn and Thomas that just recently gotten married, and had recently return...

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"Lil' Wang"

by Ud on Nov 25, 2018

(Ud note: Warning this story entails elements of the ntr/cuckold fetish, viewer discretion is advised. Enjoy the read! Also, there are inconsistencies in the tense I'm using ignore it as good as you can, I will polish it when I have time. Alright enjoy the story. Peace.) "Puuh! Glad that's done, geez, I feel like dropping where I'm standing. This weathe...

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From Faithful to Freedom

by CJD619 on May 19, 2018
Cheating Spouses

Back and forth, every night. Between twisted blankets, scattered pillows and a lump of a fiancee next to her, Kya decided to wake up and proceed to her living room. It wasn't a lavish apartment, but with Peter being in between jobs, it had to make due. Being a lone breadwinner was hard on Kya. Especially in such a chaotic office environment like hers. She wo...

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Phantom in the Multiverse

by satoshy12 on Oct 26, 2018
Fan Fiction

How he looks like a Baby is the Cover Image Note: AN/ Step-Mother, Step-Siblings is Still Incest to who didn't know that Many natural Ghost portals that open and close without warning and lead to various locations in space and time, such as the Bermuda Triangle, the Dimma-Dodecahedron, and the Salem witch trials. Powers: Extremely high Charisma it is like a...

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Harry Potter:The Room of Secrets

by Ikr on Sep 26, 2017
Fan Fiction

The war is finally over. Harry is now one of the major leagues of all time. Harry returns to Privet Drive only to see his horrendous family returned. Harry who was infected with a curse which induces sexual excitation, wishes to corrupt and dominate the families around. You know that your cum was special (Ginny tried it herself). It made her more open to mor...

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How many of your friends do you think would fuck me?

by Veig77 on Oct 1, 2017
Cheating Spouses

We were laying in bed together after a long day and Jane suddenly asks me, "How many of your friends do you think would fuck me?" I just laid there stunned for a second thinking I must have misheard her. I manage to stutter out "What?" She casually replies back "I was just wondering if I decided to start cheating on you, how many of...

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by Alainn on Sep 14, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Bathed in the blood of hundreds of men, the stained sands glowed eerily in the faint light of the sickle moon. It was like a graveyard; hacked and gouged and severed bodies were strewn across the land in thick, grizzly piles. The raptors had come hours earlier to watch the battle, and were now feasting upon the succulent flesh of humanity. Their squawks and...

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