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Camp of Blessing Ch. 06

by KristannaGriefshire on Nov 19, 2018

For Sister Beth the morning started as any other. Wake up, say the prayers, change clothes, drink the delicious orange juice and then go for the main breakfast. Well, maybe the day wasn't so normal, after all. The Sister woke up and felt her newly acquired member hard, with a raging morning wood. When she knelt to pray she remembered last night, the image of...

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The Fat Older Men Change

by prettynun2010 on Sep 12, 2017
Group Sex

The Life is so terribly for Nun, the 29 year old Thai girl who's living in Great Britain. Last year she worked in a Thai restaurant and met the young black stud who said he loved her with a true heart and promised many things to her. Everything looked so perfect at that time. Now she's jobless, and that's not the worst part, when she got back to her BF's fl...

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_Fußballanhängerinnen gegen Polizistinnen

by analschlampe0215 on Jun 12, 2007
Non-English (dated)

Vor dem Championsleagespiel Bayern gegen Juventus Turin versammeln sich viele Anhänger aus Italien. So auch eine Frauengang aus Turin die nur darauf aus ist Randale zu machen. 3 Girls aus dieser Gang schleichen um das Fussballstadion um deutsche Fans aufmischen zu können. Sie sehen alle zierlich aus sind sehr hübsch,alle mit längeren schwarzen Haaren,großen...

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A Confession

by Shyguy1369 on Sep 19, 2017
Erotic Couplings

Author's Note: This is a work of fiction and fantasy and should not be considered factual. * The scene is that of someone dreaming, is it a good dream or a nightmare? It shows a priest standing in front of a nun with his pants down. She is a striking beauty, that if not for her habit you would never think her a nun. She has reddish brown hair and great bre...

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by Bismarck on Sep 17, 2017

Ich war damals gerade Bundeswehrsoldat und an meinem 22. Geburtstag auf Urlaub zu Hause. Da dieser Urlaubstag nicht vorgesehen war, sollte ich nun noch einige Gäste für eine kleine improvisierte Geburtstagsfeier zum Kaffeetrinken einladen. So klingelte ich auch in der Mittagszeit bei einer Bekannten, die ganz in der Nähe wohnte. Der dazugehörige Mann befand...

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Growing Together Ch. 09

by sexgundam666 on May 30, 2018
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

"Liz," Bianca groaned into the phone after yet another beep, "It's been a week. Pick up already." She hung up and set her head on the table, breathing heavily while her hands gripped her shirt. Her knuckles were white, and her nails dug deep into her palm. It was the only way to stop herself from relieving the brutal ache between her thighs. A week without...

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_Die Referendarin wird Opfer ihrer Schüler

by analschlampe0215 on Jun 12, 2007
Non-English (dated)

Ulrike ist mit ihren 24 Jahren eine wahre Schönheit, sie hat schulterlange, lockige, blonde Haare, hat leuchtend blaue Augen, einen hübschen, strammen Busen, eine Wespentaille, einen sehr knackigen Po, sehr lange schlanke Beine, ist im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes bildhübsch, bei einer Größe von 1,78 wiegt sie 60 kg. Sie ist Referendarin an einer Gesamtschule,...

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Final Vows Ch. 05

by 0131aj on Sep 12, 2017
Erotic Couplings

The young nun staggered back to the sparse cell she shared with Sister Angela. She could feel the priest's spunk running from her battered cunt even though Mother Superior had sucked some of it out and cleaned her pussy with her wet tongue. As she passed some of the other nuns on the way back from the priest's dinning room, she thought that their knowing smi...

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Bless Me Father for I have Sinned 05

by SusanJillParker on Sep 12, 2017

Please vote. Please give me the support of your vote. * Sacred albeit salaciously sacrilegious, with Sister Kathryn reluctant at first, Father Thomas has anal sex with Sister Kathryn Continued from Chapter 4: 'Satan! Be gone. Satan, leave me in peace. Lord God, help me to resist temptation. Lord God, keep me strong against the Devil,' she silently prayed...

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With Religious Fervor

by Lord_Razhid on Sep 17, 2017
Mind Control

One She would never admit it, but she loved working for the Church. Not because of any real sense of religious zeal, "higher-calling" or a great deal of faith. It was because of assignments like the one she'd just been given. She sat at her desk in the small, bare rectory and studied the dossier of her latest subject. This one was unusual. The subject was...

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