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The Captive Prince

by PrinceCai on Apr 3, 2020

Marcus was reading in bed when his kingdom fell. It was over an hour past his bedtime, but the young prince wanted to stay up and finish his book by candelight. It was way too exciting a story to put down, all about a brave and noble lady knight who saved a peasant boy from the clutches of an evil sorceress. He had his heart in his mouth at the thrilling act...

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by Bakeboss on Sep 11, 2017

Who is the weaker man, the one who bows before his wife and begs her to dominate him or the man who lives his life as an alpha male and fantasizes about his wife dominating him? Myself, I'm one of the later types of wimps and although there is nothing I would rather do than to be my wife's personal slave I am afraid she would lose all respect for me if I tri...

Findom: Is It Right For Me?

by NoJo on Sep 13, 2017
How To

Okay, ladies, you've got your cam set up, and you're ready to start your career as an online financial domme. But is findom the right fetish for you? This handy, easy-to-use guide will help you get your business up and running in no time, and you can watch the tributes roll in! What is findom, anyway? Findom is taking money from people who get their jol...

The Third Clearwater

by Damos on Jan 5, 2019

The Arrival It was a rainy day in Forks and looking out the window was met by Sue, my Aunt staring at me through her mirror at me, "It's Okay Damian, Charlie will take care of it all!" "I just can't believe she is gone! it was only yesterday when I was sat there watching the game with her and now she is gone!" she nodded before smiling sp...

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Reign of the Dark Queen

by TigrisSeductor on Feb 4, 2016
Science Fiction

It is said that beauty of a woman can save the world. The beauty of Queen Catherine, however, is not that kind of beauty - it is not the beauty of a caring mother that settles disputes between men and cools their passions, or a youthful, tender girl that can make a boy's heart bloom and the man inside him awaken, or the beauty of a wife that gives her husban...

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BLACKEDmailed Into Being a Sissy

by AnonWriter on Jun 17, 2019

Author's note: I've hit serious writer's block with Tales of Feminization, so I decided to try something a little slower and more limited in scope. I'll be focusing on one primary storyline at first, slowly branching out with other choices. You'll notice some chapters will have multiple choices, but this is just to act as a reminder for me for future content...

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Blackbone Crossing

by DonSwami on Dec 4, 2020

AUTHORS NOTE: This story is still a work in progress, I’ve got a lot of idea’s on where I want to take it and what different chapters are going to be. I decided to publish Blackbone Crossing because I really wanted some feedback/ideas. The story is open to other writers, so feel free to submit your addition! Some chapters I’m still working on and I haven’t p...

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Writing Realistic Female Dominance

by stlgoddessfreya on Sep 13, 2017
How To

Scene 1 I couldn't believe I was doing it, even as I followed the tall blonde in the black PVC catsuit to the door with "Private" written over the door in tilting red script. I just went to the sex club to watch, at least that was my plan, but as soon as I saw her demonstrating the proper way to flog a man in a kneeling position, I knew I would be on my kne...

Slave to Cartoons

by thesub on Mar 15, 2008
Fan Fiction

Toon Town holds an underbelly of depravity and seduction. You see most cartoons are wild and crazy by nature. There sex lives are even wilder. The cartoon women got a sex drive that can’t be match. A lot of them are into dominating the weaker humans. To keep them in check the government has a volunteer civilian slave program. You heard about this and always...

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The Captured Assassin

by TheSonOfTitans on Jul 31, 2020

You ride up the road leading to the main gate. After months of preperation, you are finally here and will finally assassinate the horrid ruler of High Harthland. ***** Hey. I am updating this periodically. Sorry for the delay I know it's been a little while since my last update. Additionally, sorry for the immense amounts of spelling errors. I guess I was mo...

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