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Infinite Scroll

RWBY: Guardians of Vale

by Art3mis on Sep 26, 2017
Fan Fiction

Hello Readers! Check the notes below! I update them frequently with my current progress! :D Before you read the glorious smut before you, I strongly suggest that you have watched all three seasons of the web series RWBY (Kinda the plot if you feel me ;D). If you haven't, go to rooster teeth's website or youtube and search it. Should only take 4 hours I belie...

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by tl34 on May 7, 2016
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Team RWBY is an excellent example of teamwork and diversity of huntresses within their generation. Yet even with their members as the future defenders of Remnant, they still have personal lives as individuals. And not everything would go out in a "normal" and safe way. And in every life-story there are those "funny" moment to occur that a...

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Rwby - Weiss Schnee story

by Softbuthard on Jul 21, 2017
Fan Fiction

((Authors note: This story can go anyway you can add other characters from the Rwby series as well as long as they do something with Weiss. And no crossover characters. So please help me make this story great ad enjoynable now onto the story) Weiss had left beacon for small mission that her team had taken. Their objective was to take down grimms that were vi...

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RWBY auction

by dragonsage on Nov 18, 2017

Headmaster Ozpin was in a bit of a difficult situation. Thanks to the after effects of the breach the city of vale had to spend large amounts of Lien to repair for the damages. Because of the amount of money spent it would be quite difficult to properly prepare for the Vytal festival. If he could not find a new source of money he may have to cancel the festi...

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by AegisXP on Jun 15, 2018

Welcome to RWBY Futa! This is a collection of stories where you, the reader, get to have some intimate encounters with the various women of Remnant. Is what you're looking for not here? No problem! We are accepting submissions for any and all types of scenarios, so long as you follow the story's guidelines. Thanks for reading, and happy fapping!What's next?...

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by Pablo12 on Jan 25, 2016
Fan Fiction

You wake up at Beacon Acadamy a prestigious school that helps train students in the way of battle in order to fight the creatures of Grimm and protect the kingdom. You've been enrolled for several months and in that time you've seen many amazing and beautiful women and now contemplating to try and date one of them or perhaps something more lust filled rather...

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Defeating RWBY

by 7heB0b on Jun 23, 2018

It took months of careful planning but you were finally able to do it. You engaged team RWBY in battle and defeated them easily. Three of the girls got away after their defeat, but you were able to capture one and bring them back to your base for interrogation. Hopefully they will give you information to catch the others.What's next? Ruby What's next? Ru...

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Confident Naked Woman

by AlyxNanu on Aug 5, 2018
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

All women from all forms of media can be chosen for a situation where they get nake either building up the confidence to handle being naked in front of people by wearing a skimpy outfit, losing her clothes while doing her usually thing or she gets naked on her own terms for her own fun. Comics, tv shows, anime, animated shows, movies and web series are all f...

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Gender bender life

by JAYBAY on May 17, 2019

You wake up your head spinning as you look around the room you see the area around you is well lit, but in the distance you see nothing but darkness, then you see it just in-front of you, see a throne with elegant carvings of many battles taking place with a comfortable looking velvet seat as you move towards the Throne the air around it begins to shimmer an...

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Oh, the things you can do in RWBY

by psychosmiley on Apr 29, 2018

In the world of Remnant, you can find many different kinds of people,places, and abilities. its all a matter ofwhat you decide. So, who are you?What's next? A student What's next? A student...

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