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KnockOut Dick

by joke999 on May 11, 2012
Fan Fiction

Dick Biggins is the Boxing Champion for 2 years & his career has never been higher, but he still wishes to make his sex life more exciting. He challenges the best female fighters in the world to No Hold Bar fights & Sex fights. He's accompanied by his Female Tao Chi trainer, Son Po. She has worked restlessly to achieve her reputation & demands Di...

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Tifa versus Scarlet

by Metal0737 on Feb 20, 2016
Fan Fiction

I came across the story on host and felt as if I should share with all of you guys here. My goal is not to plagiarize but to share the story with all of you. Tifa versus Scarlet By Dego Lankar atDego_Lankar The ending wasn't very good but I heard everyone in order writes multiple endings as well as multiple situations.What's next? Tifa is cornered Tifa face...

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Campeonato mundial Fantasy Sexfight

by Xis on Jun 24, 2020

Hoy recibimos en este foro a 8 bellezas del mundo. Campeonas en sus regiones en la modalidad de Sexfight Wrestling , han vencido a todas sus oponentes para poder disputar este campeonato dotado con 1.000.000 €. Tenemos a nuestras campeonas: Helga Merk la rubia campeona de Alemania de 21 ańos que cuenta con unas impresionantes medidas de 100-62-92 y un récord...

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Inaugural Crossdress Sexfight

by danidhotcd on Sep 16, 2017
Transsexuals & Crossdressers

Hi everyone and welcome to the Crossdressers Sexfight League (CSL). My name is Dani and I'm the primary author as well as a regular participant in the league. The league title says it all. It's an erotic sexfight wrestling league for crossdressers of all ages where the loser is forced to service the winner of each match. It takes place in living rooms, bedr...

Indian Sex Club Ch. 07

by asiansexfight on Dec 16, 2019
Interracial Love

With the builders working builders time the renovations of the clubrooms for the Subcontinent Railway Sex Club at Northcote (see Chp. 02 in this series) had fallen way behind their promised finishing date. This meant this was little I could do with the fourteen Indian women that were its founding members. So I concentrated on Mai and her sexfights with Ruth....

Katie's Muscle Journey 006

by KatieTay on Sep 15, 2017

"Oh yeah... yeah... you go girl... push it!" My sister Jessie is cheering me on as I give a loud, unladylike grunt, and squeeze out yet another squat with 225lbs, or 100kg, before staggering forward to rack the bar. I've just squeezed out 6 good solid reps on this weight, which is making many other guys, even the less scrawny ones, look at me with intimidat...

Cuntbusting Escape

by Cbstorymaster on Jan 16, 2019

You wake up at the big bed in the empty room with two doors at each side. You are dressed in grey tight shorts and white tank top without bra and panties. You stand up from the bed and look around the room. There is literally nothing else but two doors one with a sign "Trap doors" and other with a "Escape doors" sign. (The story is not fi...

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by Winston on Oct 12, 2020

You can't see anything. Blindfolded, you stay in your seat, stiff with apprehension and not a little fear as you feel the airplane make contact with the runway. Your 3-hour flight in total secrecy is finally over, but the excitement has only just begun. You've heard of this place in snatches of conversations before. EroFights - a place where every sexual whi...

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Indian Sex Club Ch. 09

by asiansexfight on Dec 24, 2019
Group Sex

This can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone story, but deeper character depth and the effects of the plots, rivalries, twists and turns of the Subcontinent Railway Sex Club will be found by reading the Indian Sex Club Story series. * My buttons shot across the room next as Vanya Chopra tore my shirt from my body and then pushed me back so that she could...

Inaugural Crossdress Sexfight Ch. 03.5

by danidhotcd on Sep 16, 2017
Transsexuals & Crossdressers

After losses to Tommi, Jaimie and Dani, it didn't take a genius to realize that I had become the defacto jobber of the Crossdressing Sexfight League (CXSFL). There wasn't a cock among them that hadn't been in my mouth or ass at some point and if we had kept standings, I would have been in dead last place. Unless I wanted to accept my jobber role within the l...