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Infinite Scroll


by kell on Dec 25, 2006
Fan Fiction

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first ever MISS SUPER HEROINE pageant! Gathered together here today are some of the most beautiful super heroines in the worlds around today. These beauties are all competing in the first contest ever of its type. In this contest the heroines will compete in a variety of competitions such as, but not limited to:...

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New Super Heroine

by splotch on Apr 23, 2018
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Janet sat in her computer science class. Head resting on her hand, she sighed ruefully. She was so sick of school. Just six months into college and she was already burning out. She had no desire for it. She wanted excitement, adventure! But this was just work and tedium. She looked down at her notebook. Instead of writing down whatever the teacher was talkin...

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Perils of a Novice Superheroine

by fyreant on Nov 30, 2016
Science Fiction

Another glorious day in Acropolis City... until, without warning, disaster strikes! It could be a fire, a bank robbery, a collapsing building, or something stranger. But even in the most hair-raising situations, the citizens of this fair city are confident that whenever the average cop on the beat can't handle matters, an amazing (and, often, quite sexy) ind...

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Powered By Sex

by Ankoino on Nov 28, 2017

Scientific accidents, alien immigrants, and mythological creatures come to life. These are just some of the strange phenomena that began six months ago. Now hundreds of super powered beings inhabit the Earth battling for good, evil, and everything in between. Only one commonality links all of these super-beings, their powers are connected to sex. Some have v...

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Life In Millennium City

on Aug 13, 2015
Science Fiction

You are a 'Super' one of the people who has developed the powers of a super-hero/villain since the beginning of the second millennium A.D. You live in 'Millennium' City, the suddenly and unexpectedly created city at the center of the lower 48, which is one of the few places on earth where superheroes and villains can duke it out without doing too much damag...

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Princess Puma in Mine Your Business

by bradchung on Aug 8, 2014
Science Fiction

Willow Creek, Arizona 1800 Rebecca Temple was in the middle of teaching her class when one of her students...a young boy of 13 years..burst through the doors of the modest old church building which housed the school during the week. A 28 year old woman..her blonde hair tied atop her head and dressed in a long sleeved baggy dress which flowed all the way down...

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Marvel Super-Hookers

by Shendude on Dec 29, 2010
Fan Fiction

Rick Jones, friend to all superheroes, woke up thinking nothing was wrong. He woke up alone, as he had recently broken up with his longtime lover and wife Marlo. He sighed, the handsome youngish man going to make some coffee. He shook his head, musing on his lot in life, heading over to computer to check the news. For kicks, he went to the Daily Bugle websi...

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Risky Bet

by blackhand on Oct 25, 2017

In a quiet part of town, there is a place where someone can go and gamble where the rules are different. It might be very well known, or it's existence and rules might be arcane and secret. It might be a sprawling casino, a hole in the wall gambling den, a race track, or perhaps something else. All that remains constant is one simple fact. When someone goes...

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White striker

by habilon on Mar 16, 2018

Sasha Adams had been a pretty athletic girl, she had been a B grade student and a bit of a party goer. During one of those parties she had ended upstairs with one of the senior students who was very pushy and insisted on no condoms. It had been her first time and it was a wonderful experience for her, but as he came in her she yelled out as her eyes glowed a...

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The Life of a Superhero/ine or Supervillain/ess

by CorpseKing on Nov 2, 2003
Fan Fiction

Today is a new day in the life of a hero or heroine. But there is a choice of what life will be the star of the story. Perhaps you take the adventures of the misunderstood hero Spider-man? A man gifted and/or cursed with the powers of a spider from a science accident. What will be his fate? Perhaps the American boy scout known as Captain America? Symbol of A...

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