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Let's Be Batman Pt. 18

by BatmansDick on Sep 11, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

For almost a week, Gotham City had been dealing with the weirdest weather anyone could imagine. Large swaths of Gotham City were covered in ice. No one could remember a bizarre weather pattern like this before. While the local news blamed the strange cold spots on natural variations in the weather, Tommy thought of a more sinister culprit: Victor Fries. '...

Batman: The Telltale Game Series: Season 3: Bruce Wayne Becomes Mayor of Gotham

by Ragnockae136 on Apr 21, 2019
Fan Fiction

(Emergency Press Conference, Wayne Tower) ''Thank You all for Coming, as you all Know my name is Bruce Wayne, and this Past Year has been Trying not just for Me or for Gotham, but for every Man, Woman and Child who has Ever set foot in Gotham. I have Seen a Man I once considered my unofficial Brother Fall to the Allure of meting out Criminal Justice, I have...

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by Ashson on Sep 16, 2017
Loving Wives

It was at a birthday party for mutual friends that Arnold ran into Andy. They'd known each other for quite a while, but Arnold hadn't really seen Andy since his recent wedding to Wilma. Too recent a wedding, Arnold thought, for the pair to be looking so out of sorts with each other. It appeared that there was a bit of marital discord in the wings. "A wise...

Superman Fucks Gotham Ch. 17

by SierraLeeAuthor on Sep 18, 2017
Celebrities & Fan Fiction

Okay, time for a crazy chapter again. I dug a little deeper for the team in this chapter, so for your reference: I'm thinking of the Magpie from Beware the Batman and the Nocturna from the New 52. Based solely on their appearances, naturally, who knows what canon this story is? As always, both comic book logic and crazy sex fantasy rules are in effect. ***...

The Beginning of Stopping Time Ch. 07

by timetale on Jun 10, 2019
Group Sex

After hearing that Brianna had been talking with Olivia about our sex being the best she ever had, it got me wondering about how much my reputation had travelled around the office. Turns out it had gotten around. The risk of office romance, right? Well, it got me thinking: I've already screwed all the women in the office out of time, so why not try for in-...

Fucking With Time

by GirlWithBigCock on Feb 20, 2021
Science Fiction

Alissa moans softly as she slides her puffy lips up and down my stiff member. With minimal required effort on her part, she's taking me from the swollen tip all the way down to the girthy shaft as she idly plays with her clit inside of her yoga pants. She's bent over, giving me a great view of her C-cup cleavage and ample ass sticking up in the air behind he...

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Second Person, Singular

by Bingo_Little on Sep 16, 2017
Toys & Masturbation

You arrive at work. The wind is too strong for your umbrella and your hair gets wet, whipping about in strands. You wish you had a longer coat or a shorter walk from the car. Your first stop is the department office, where you say hello to the administrators, take some candy from the jar on the front desk, and check your mail. In your mailbox there is a co...

Beautiful Frustration

by avalon_sunset on Sep 12, 2017
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

Frottage memories (Subtle Contact!) The queue, waiting for the first lift is large, but my eyes focus happily on the blonde hair of a woman ahead of me, rather than the floor indicator above each lift. I love women like her, slim, in her forties, maybe even over fifty, dressed in a suit, shiny hair in a bob style, elegant and feminine. I am going into the...

Hollywood Game Show

by MM19019 on Nov 23, 2020

John Doe has some extrodinary magical powers. The most prominent of these powers being hypnosis, he could bend any person to his will using his power. This power also gave him a near endless amount of money. So he can do many great things John also has a great interest in celebrities. He always thought they were all so attractive. So, he decides to start a t...

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Romance of the Rails

by shoeslayer on Sep 17, 2017

The weather was unseasonably warm that Saturday in December as I headed over to Stop & Shop to do my weekly shop. When I left with bags of food the air had quite a nip to it and I remembered a time not too long ago when I was living on Oread street in Worcester, Mass. I was working security down on Southbridge street and it was a damn hot steamy night. The t...