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Infinite Scroll

Fiction Hotness

by 57 on Sep 26, 2017
Fan Fiction

Welcome to the multiples fiction worlds! You have the ability to access to every each one of them, from the world of Harry Potter to the world of different manga and anime series. You can witness of the adventures of this different fictional characters, or better, interact with them, and be part of their adventures. There are no limits on how you can interac...

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The Incest God

by Forcy on Aug 7, 2020
Mind Control

"Why hello there." The main character hears a voice in their dreams. They look around and suddenly found themselves floating in the air, marveling at the sight of an utterly humongous tree, that reached a sky alien to them, with the outline of countless stars and planets as far as the eye could see. "Now then," The same voice said, &quot...

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The Fucking Dead

by JohnLocke4 on Feb 7, 2018
Fan Fiction

(Right so this was a story I started a long time ago but deleted because it wasn't written that well. However, after all this time, I feel I've improved and honestly miss this story so I'm bringing it back! Hope you all like it!) The Fantaverse is the newest virtual reality device that always the user to enter any universe. Whether that be from novels, telev...

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Welcome to the Literotica Universe

by MaryAnderson on Aug 27, 2018
Reviews & Essays

During my years of reading and writing Literotica stories I've noticed ways in which the Literotica Universe differs from ours, finally deciding it would be fun to write them down. I hope you enjoy. If this was a story and had characters, any characters engaged in sexual activities would be eighteen years of age or older. Insofar as it is a story with chara...

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Welcome to the Literotica Universe Ch. 02

by MaryAnderson on Dec 12, 2018
Reviews & Essays

I received so many comments noting things I'd missed in Chapter One of Welcome to the Literotica Universe that a second chapter was all but written for me. For those who made suggestions I have not included, please forgive. It is due to either (a) my inability to add anything to what you said or (b) a lack of familiarity with the subject of your comment. For...

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Dimension Hopping

by LiteraryLover on Apr 15, 2016
Science Fiction

"Log entry number 23-9, I, Jonathan Caine, have become the first person to transcend the dimensional curtain and travel to alternate universes. I've explored eight universes so far, some only slightly skewed from our own, others very different. The following logs will be my recounts of these universes as I return to them. And possibly more that I may tr...

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The Beginning: Ch. 00

by FantasyStoryLover on Sep 17, 2017

Prologue Mankind has always assumed that they're on the only life-sustaining planet in the universe, and even that there is only one universe. Scientists, philosophers, shamans- anybody really- who proposed that either of these statements aren't true, were mocked and ridiculed all through history. Well, surprise! They were all right. Earth is not the only...

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Into the Unknowable Ch. 22

by bradley_stoke on Sep 18, 2017
Novels and Novellas

Intrepid - 3756 C.E. Paul held Beatrice to his chest. Well, not all of her of course: just the head and shoulders. The rest of her was scattered in fragments across the living room, now so evidently the dismembered remains of an android rather than a human. It wasn't blood but a strangely viscous black liquid that seeped out of her mouth, from the stumps o...

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Archangel: It's My Life

by Samuelx on Sep 13, 2017
Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The life of an angel is definitely no picnic, folks. My name is Michael. I've come to set the record straight about my Brethren. I don't know where mortals get their information but they're rather wrong about so many things it's not even funny. Whoever told you that angels are androgynous pretty guys or pretty girls with wings has definitely lied to you. We'...

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Reality Issue

by darklyte31 on Aug 7, 2020
Exhibitionist & Voyeur

The universe has recently gained consciousness and has viewed Itself and the many races that inhabit It, both past and present. After examining all of Its data It has determine that in the future It will die and nothing can prevent it. After thinking about the problem It determined the only way forward is what all races do to become immortal, procreate. It t...

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