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Infinite Scroll

House of Pleasure Pt. 02

by Horneyandbored on Apr 21, 2020

Sam's knees were still trembling from his experience with Jessica. He had never experienced something so primal before. As Sam exited the hallway and returned to the lobby, he spoke with the receptionist. "That was...amazing, I can't believe I didn't come here sooner." "I'm glad to hear it sir, all of our clients are more than happy with their experience,...

Maid to Serve Ch. 02

by Nate_Walis on Sep 19, 2017

At first Eleanor thought it was the light streaming in through the narrow window that had woken her, but the awful feeling of discomfort that seemed to be spread out across the whole of her body soon made her realise that it had been responsible instead. The light, she realised had been in the background of her perception for some time and the more unpleasan...

The Sun I Can't See Ch. 02

by Tigerstretch on Jun 8, 2020

Chapter 2 - Noon ------------- "The time is 7:43 am." My little talking watch told me that it was acceptable to wake him up. "Morning, Miles." "Heeey, rubber girl." I slid my arms around his torso to hug him tightly. I still couldn't believe this happened. After a false start in the park, I invited this guy over for a simple dinner then ended up wearin...

Die Besondere Erfahrung

by Latex slave on Nov 21, 2020

Das ist die Geschichte von Nadja. Das typische nerdy Girl. Sie ist 1,70 groß, hat blonde schulterlange Haare, blaugraue Augen, C brüste und einen schönen Knackarsch. Sie ist schlank und sie trägt eine Brille. Außerdem schaut Nadja gerne Animes und spielt Videospiele aller Art. Dazu hört sie Powermetal und singt dabei immer etwas mit. Sie spielt DnD (Dungeons...

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The Latex Jungle

by latexvvitch on Dec 29, 2019

You are a brave and courageous Adventure-Courier, delivering messages all across the Empire. This is last delivery before a little vacation, you’ve decided, as this is a big one; an important document to be delivered to the Citadel. You are leaving the Capital City for the Far West, and must cross a vast distance of the land. You’re almost there, and decided...

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An Urban Latex Paradise

by latexvvitch on Nov 11, 2020

Welcome to the city of paradise! A vibrant new city located off the pacific coast of North America. It’s a bright, neon soaked urban jungle full of opportunities and exciting experiences! There’s just one catch... it’s... how do we put this.... kinky. It’s been called the kinkiest city in the world, even. It’s so overtly sexual, they passed a law only 18 mon...

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Breaking Dawn

by The_Iron_Maiden on Oct 31, 2018
Mind Control

Dawn awoke peacefully, almost as if she were still asleep as her eyes flittered open. She stretched her arms, her sleep lethargically sticking to her mind as she began to wake. Yet something kept her arms from going out too far, something smooth was keeping them in. Dawn tried to sit up in a moment of panic, but found herself tugged back, her head landing he...

Maid to Serve Ch. 03

by Nate_Walis on Sep 19, 2017

It had been two or three days since Eleanor had woken alone on the narrow bed and in room in the rafters of the house. She had no memory of how she had arrived there after falling into a state of exhausted torpor, drained by her ordeal within the vacbed. More worryingly she was genuinely unable to count the days that had passed since then, the monotony and i...

The Sun I Can't See Ch. 03

by Tigerstretch on Aug 24, 2020

Author's note: Here is the 3rd chapters of The sun I can't see. It is a bit different than the first two chapters but I hope you'll like it. I recommend that you read the last few lines of chapter 2 just to put yourself back in context. Enjoy your read. ----- Chapter 3 - Sunset ----- "Kill me!" "No... I won't kill you. Come on. Stop acting like a baby."...

A Latex Crossdresser's Dream Pt. 08

by shinyglove on Mar 17, 2020

A Latex Crossdressers Dream. Part 8. "Rubber wife's Rubber Party Plan" I woke up early the next morning refreshed. I was quite an active guy so only needed a good 6 hours and I was good to go. I had left the girls downstairs and gone to bed and when I awoke there was no sign of the girls. Only 2 more empty wine bottles so I suspected they had gone to bed dr...