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Zombie Apocalypse

by englishbob on Sep 19, 2015

It was a completely typical day when the apocalypse happened, a mild June day that you couldn't describe as hot, typical British weather really. You actually didn't hear about the apocalypse until a few hours after it had begun, you'd always assumed the apocalypse would be fairly obvious but there was no mushroom cloud in the distance, no loud bang, no screa...

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My Redneck Zombie Huntress

by Samuelx on Sep 16, 2017

"Bashir, where in hell are you? Come here, I think I've been bit," Marlene Thompson shouted as she stumbled out of the warehouse, clutching her wounded knee with one hand while holding her pistol with the other. Wandering the warehouse in search of food wasn't a good idea, but hunger has a way of making people do things they wouldn't otherwise do, even durin...

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A Psychic in a Zombie Apocalpyse

by Forcy on May 16, 2019
Mind Control

Author's Notes: This story is inspired by the story The Fallout Shelter and the thread I started in it. I just realized that I liked the concept but wanted to take the story in a different direction that worked best in a separate story. Also, know that my main thread will make extensive use of images and gifs in case you are into that kind of thing. Or not....

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How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

by Sean Renaud on Sep 1, 2017
How To

This guide contains all of the information that you will need to survive a zombie apocalypse. We all know it's not a matter of if zombies take over the earth, it's a matter of when and if you are going to be one of the survivors. If you don't want to be one of the survivors then you can stop reading right now. This is for the people who are going to stand up...

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Apocalypse Zex

by mrxl on Sep 14, 2010

TO READERS: Disregard the spelling and grammer. This is still a story in progress. Every so often I'll go through to tweak the story or add additional details. For the most part the events shouldn't change. Please feel free to leave any comments. Enjoy My name is Richard Everhard but everyone calls me Dick, Dick Everhard. I'm a simple guy. I lived alone in...

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The Magic Apocalypse

by CrawlingM on Jul 28, 2018

A whisper goes through the various parts of the internet as most governments desperately try to implement new censorship laws for "hampering the proliferation advanced digital warfare algorithms." Most online communities theorizes that this means Artificial General Intelligence capable of hijacking nuclear missiles and the likes and doesn't dig too...

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The Rise and Fall

by KillinTimez on Jun 26, 2016
Science Fiction

(I do not own the cover picture) There are many errors humanity has made. But we always came back from it. At least, we thought we did. I never thought that we would be be this far up shit creek without a paddle. We were in the midst of a fucking zombie apocalypse, after the pschopathic anthromorph also known as the American President started World War Three...

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Zombie Valentine's Day

by gldngolfer on Sep 17, 2017

Sorry folks, no sex in this short story. Just a short and dirty story I threw together for my wife to celebrate two of her favorite things; Valentine's Day and the show The Walking Dead that came back from its mid-season hiatus on Valentine's Day. There is no mention of characters from the show and is not intended to be associated with it in any fashion, n...

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Horny Dead

by kin1041 on Apr 6, 2017

(Inspired by Apocalypse Zex, so if you like my story you'll like that one too so feel free to check it out.) (Adders welcome) You are driving to your parents house on the outskirts of Boston. It was your sister, Mabel's, 18th birthday today and you and your brother, Luke, are driving to your parents place to celebrate. Along the way you take out your phone f...

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Kinky post apocalypse

by alrightthensavy on Apr 26, 2015

"Thank god I found this storage room." That was what I was thinking when I first found the room, that was a month ago and since I have used up all the supplies. It was bound to happen eventually. I can see the morning light filtering through the small barred window, and simultaneously feel my stomach growl from hunger. My clothes are filthy and bar...

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